Framing At An Aaron Brothers Near Me: Aaron Brothers Frames

If you are looking for Aaron Brothers frames or you search, “framing at an Aaron Brothers near me”, you may discover Framed–a full art frame boutique offering custom frames, and ready made frames / pre made frames that reflect every style and color possible. Aaron Brothers went out of business and left a big hole in the framing industry. After Framed discovered a number of needs expressed by customers, we included a wide range of high-quality ready-made and custom frames. When looking for an Aaron Brothers near me and Aaron Brothers frames, you will find that not only does Framed provide the specific products and services you are looking for, but we do it better! 

What Happened to Aaron Brothers and Why is Framed the Better Frame Store?

Back in 1995, Michael’s craft store acquired Aaron Brothers and incorporated elements of that business model into their operations. At the time of this acquisition, Aaron Brothers was 71 years old and was known as a nostalgic brand catering people who needed art supplies and fast frames on-the-go. However, many people are not pleased with the quality Michaels has put out: most of their frames are made from cheap press wood and other junk wood materials, they are mass produced with little originality in design, and they scratch, dent and break very easily, at least this is what our customers report back to us after making the switch to Framed. 

Aaron Brothers offers customers a very convenient business model–ready made frames on the go. Framed recognized a real need to continue the convenience that Aaron Brothers was known for by offering the same service, but with higher-quality frames, so if you are just learning that Aaron Brothers went out of business, don’t worry because Framed can provide the same fast service with affordable art frames and picture frames that are affordable, and that will last a lifetime. 

Framed Offers Aaron Brothers Essentials, But We Do It Better

Whether you have a painting, poster, antique map, photograph, document, or an artifact requiring fast framing, Framed has a service rooted in the early origins of Aaron Brothers that delights our customers. 

  • Step 1 – Claim Your Free Consultation – Call Framed to book a free consultation, or simply walk in. If possible, bring the item you wish to frame, along with photos of the room in which the piece will be displayed.This way your framer will be able to help you select the right frame to both compliment your piece, style, and your home’s interior. All staff at Framed are actual artists and designers (not retail workers) who have the eye and skills to ensure you select the best frame possible to create an incredible look. 
  • Step 2 – Choose Your Frame – Our experts will help you choose from a wide variety of frames that cover a wide range of styles, colors, designs, and textures. Some of our most popular frames include contemporary black frames, modern frames, wood frames (multiple types of woods, carved designed, and wood grain patterns), Art Deco frames, mid-century modern frames, shabby chic frames, French country frames, gold leaf frames, antique frames, gothic frames, glitter frames, white frames, colorful frames, and many more.
  • Step 3 – Choose Your Mat – Framed offers a wide range of mat sizes, textures, and colors. We can even do double-matting for an added effect, or bypass using a mat completely if your piece doesn’t require one to enhance the presentation. 
  • Step 4 – Choose Your Glass – We will help you choose the right type of glass for your piece. We offer high-quality standard glass, as well as the acrylic option for bigger pieces that will cut back on the item’s weight, as acrylic is much lighter. We also have museum quality glass that protects valuable art and artifacts from harmful UV light rays, and glass that has an anti-glare coating so that the piece can be viewed clearly from every angle.
  • Step 5 – Choose Your Mounting – Framed offers customers the option to use acid-free backings to protect their art and photos, as well as a number of effects including “floating” which gives viewers the appearance of the art floating on air within the frame. We also offer a number of hardware options for the back of the frame, and will make our recommendation based on the weight and size of your piece. 

Aaron Brothers may be extinct, but Framed is the best art frame store that offers customers the convenience, competitive pricing, high-quality frames, and the best customer service in the industry making us a favorite destination for people in need of frames from all over Los Angeles County. Our customers come to us from Venice, Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles, Malibu, The Valley, Westlake Village, and from other pockets of LA because we offer the best selection of frames through a true boutique experience that customizes the framing approach to each and every customer. 

Aaron Brothers History: Passing the Torch to Framed

Aaron Brothers art and framing stores were founded by Allmore (Al) Aaron and his brother Len in 1946. The Aaron brothers set up their first shop at 126 N. La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles promoting their specialty in photography and family portraits. As they expanded their shops throughout California the brothers increased their merchandise lines to include ready-made frames and art supplies. After studying marketing, the Aaron brothers came up with the concept to give customers a frame for once cent when they buy one at the regular price. This was known as their “One-Cent Frame Sale” which kicked off in the 1970s. The brothers sold the business in 1977, but Al Aaron remained on the board as an unofficial advisor throughout his retirement watching the chain grow to 72 shops throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. All of these stores have since been closed, as they were consumed by the craft store giant, Michaels.

Framed is not a craft store, nor do we sell art supplies. We focus on doing one thing better than anyone else: provide our local communities, companies, and organizations with high-quality custom and pre-made art frames through an amazing customer service experience while offering convenience and competitive prices. 

Looking for Aaron Brothers Near Me? Visit Framed and Enjoy the Convenience Aaron Brothers Frames Offered, and Enjoy Better Quality Art Frames

People call us all the time asking if we are Aaron Brothers, and though we are Framed, we offer the same convenient services that this store once offered using a high-quality level of customer service, and superior frame quality. Book a free consultation today by giving us a call, or stop in and let us help you take your photo, artwork, poster, or artifact presentation to the next level of style.