Fine Art Framing Culver City: Why Framing Fine Art Can Be the Most Memorable Holiday Gift A Loved One Will Ever Receive

Having the freedom to be able to invest in original, one of a kind fine art pieces is a privilege that not everyone can afford. But at the end of the day, without the right frame and protective presentation materials, the artwork can look “cheap” and be vulnerable to damage. With the holidays just around the corner, investing in fine art framing for your loved one can be that memorable gift they will never forget, and such a gift will serve as a sincere one with real feeling and an emotional gesture. Framed is known as the best fine art framing Culver City shop serving all of Los Angeles due to our high quality materials, largest inventory, and expert staff that offer the greatest customer service experience you will ever have. 

What is Fine Art?

Fine art can be defined in a number of ways. Some argue that it is an original work by a known artist that holds significant monetary value, such as a piece of anti-authoritarian stencil spray paint art by Bansky, or an original Caravagio purchased at an auction during your last trip to Italy. Fine art can easily exceed six figures in value, and be worth millions as well.

Then there are some to refer to fine art as original, visual art work that’s appreciated for its imaginative, intellectual or aesthetic content. This could be work from an up-and-coming local artist purchased at an arts festival, or original art from an unknown artist that took special care in creating something striking. These pieces may not be worth a large financial sum, but they are appreciated for their detail and all of the work that went into creating the piece. 

Finally, fine art can also be rare or vintage posters. For example, the original Obama “Hope” campaign poster is not vintage, but it is worth around $3,000. In comparison, the international movie poster for Fritz lang’s hit ‘Metropolis’ sold at auction for $690,000. Even vintage advertisement pieces can be regarded as fine art. 

With decades of experience, Framed has a reputation as being the highest quality fine art framing Culver City store with a wide range of experience in framing all types of fine art, and this gives customers just like you peace of mind that when using our fine art professionals to display your loved one’s pieces, you will get a museum-quality look that will make this the most memorable gift ever. 

Fine Art Framing Also Improves A Room’s Interior

According to the book, ‘Fashion, Interior Design, and the Contours of Modern Identity’ edited by Alla Myzellev and John Potvin, the two main things that define a space are fabrics / textiles, and art work. Generic art, such as mass-produced prints from big box stores, give a living space the feel of blandness and ennui, while fine art enlightens a space with vibrancy, energy, and uniqueness. When you take your loved one’s original artwork to Framed for our renowned fine art framing services, we will ensure that the frame compliments the piece, as well as the room in which it will be displayed, This is why it is ideal that you take pictures of the room where the fine art will be hung, as this way our experts can help you select a frame worthy of the art, and the room. 

Fine Art Framing Makes for the Best Xmas Gift

According to a research paper published by Loyola University Chicago by John F. Sherry Jr. and Mary Ann McGrath titled, The Disposition of the Gift and Many Unhappy Returns’, gifts that have sentimental value, or personal thoughts and surrounding them, garner the greatest level of joy in those who unwrap their gifts. And you can’t get much more personal than fine art framing. After all, studies show that more than 90% of people buy art that has an emotional attachment, or that is associated with a special memory. For example, if a couple buys a painting on their honeymoon, or someone inherits a painting that’s been in the family for multiple generations, framing such a piece would, according to studies, serve as the best present ever and touch the sentimental heart strings of even the most guarded person. 

Come to Framed for the Best Fine Art Framing Culver City has to Offer

Now is the time to frame your loved one’s artwork. Call Framed today to book an appointment so we can give you a free consultation, or walk in at your convenience. We look forward to helping you select a luxury custom frame for your artwork, and we will make sure your piece looks museum-quality, and ready to be the star gift at your family Xmas party. 

5 of the Best Art Frames to Consider at Framed: The Best Frame Store Torrance Offers

Torrance, California is home to a number of residences and businesses that place emphasis on high-quality and style. That said, Torrance residents looking for custom art frames will often spend a great degree of time visiting various shops, looking for the right frame styles to suit their aesthetic taste and that will compliment their piece. Torrance has a popular chain of frame stores, but there is no joy in purchasing something that hundreds of other people are buying all over Los Angeles. People in search of a better experience proclaim that Framed is the best frame store Torrance offers, as locals will make the short drive to our boutique frame shop to find the unique, high-quality frames that meet their needs.

Here are five of the most popular frame types that our valued customers from Torrance purchased in 2022, and that we continue to supply to those who have an eye for finer quality frames.

1. Buy the Best Poster Frames

Poster frames were the best-selling product in 2022. When most people think of poster frames, they think of those black, thin frames that you can buy at big box department stores; they are mass-produced, flimsy, and they all look the same, meaning people are framing posters in a bland manner. Framed has brought quality back to poster frames: we offer ready-made poster frames that fit the most popular dimensions with high-quality, handmade wood frame material from leftover projects, and we are able to pass the savings on to our customers by making them extremely affordable. Now, residents from Torrance can come to Framed and walk away with the following types of ready-made poster frames that offer a custom look:

  • Modern poster frames
  • Wood poster frames
  • Gold poster frames
  • Rustic poster frames
  • Colorful poster frames
  • Antique poster frames
  • Contemporary poster frames
  • Art Deco poster frames

Whether you are looking for an Art Deco poster frame to enhance the look of your 1920a movie poster, or a mid century modern poster frame to create an amazing look for your fine art poster print, Framed can help you create an amazing look that will stand out on an all-new level of quality, at a fraction of the price of doing a full custom job.

2. Colorful Picture Frames and Art Frames

Colorful frames were extremely popular, and continue to be as we continue on through 2023. In fact, we recently expanded our inventory to include a number of high-quality custom colored frames in a wide variety of color shades and designs. For example, someone looking for the right shade of a blue frame can choose from navy blue, robin egg blue, indigo, turquoise, marine blue, royal blue, baby blue, sky blue, denim, powder blue, arctic blue, neon blue, cyan and many more. Just imagine, for every color of the rainbow, framed has custom framing options that come in multiple shades giving our customers from Torrance the widest selection to choose from, and therefore we put our customers in the best position to walk away with a design and overall presentation that’s truly unique.

3. Antique Art Frames

Some people call the style antique, others call it gothic, and some will identify them as Victorian style frames. Framed offers a wide range of art frames that offer an antique look, meaning they are intricately carved to reflect the style common in the middle and later part of the 19th century. Framed was honored to help customers from Torrance find the perfect antique frame style for a wide range of artwork. For example, one client brought in an original ‘Dracula’ poster featuring Bela Lugosi and wanted a gothic / antique black frame to compliment the subject matter, while another client invested in a beautiful custom gold antique frame style for a Jane Austin inspired painting. Clients also brought antique frame styles for old family photos dating back to the turn of the century, and one customer even bought a black, antique frame style for her daughter’s autographed ‘Twilight’ poster. Antique style poster frames are very popular because they fulfill the design needs of a wide range of materials and subjects.

4. Rustic Art Frames

Rustic art frames are highly popular, and were a favorite style amongst our Torrance customers. In fact, we provided a bulk order of rustic art frames for a real estate developer who was designing a modern apartment building in the Torrance Beach neighborhood, and was looking for rustic frames to make a connection with the beach and nature within a modern living space. The rustic art frames he chose resembled driftwood, and have the art a “beachy feel” while still comfortably projecting a modern aesthetic.

5. Torrance Loves Mid Century Modern Art Frames

Mid century modern aesthetics are very popular; this style has dominated the design world for the last decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. That said, people are buying everything from artwork, advertising pieces, maps, and artifacts that exhibit mid-century design, so it goes without saying that a frame reflecting the same style is prized, as it will close the loop by completing that holistic, full look that’s true to the style. We offer mid century art frames made from teak and other wood types that were commonly used in 1950s and 1960s interior design; some of our customers from Torrance will have us float the poster or artwork within the frame to give it an even more striking look while staying authentic to the style.

Torrance, CA Loves Framed, Come Visit Us for the Best Custom Frames in All of LA

There is a reason why people make the short drive from Torrance to Framed: we offer the highest-quality and widest selection of unique, custom frames, and we even offer the same quality in accessible ready-made frames. Give us a call to book a free design consultation, or stop in and one of our specialists will work with you to create a total look with a custom frame that you will love.

Savvy Shopping Tips: Searching for the Best Aaron Brothers Frames and Poster Frames Culver City Offers

Aaron Brothers is a name that has been at the pinnacle of ready-made poster frames in Culver City and all over Los Angeles for decades. However, Aaron Brothers no longer exists; Michaels bought out the brand and shut down all 94 stores in 2018, without most people (even their loyal customers) not taking much notice. Now, when people are searching for Aaron Brothers frames and poster frames in Culver City and Los Angeles, they are discovering that the frame quality presented by Michaels is poor in quality, so Framed took that popular model and ran with it. 

Framed and Aaron Brothers in Culver City

Before we delve into tips for buying poster frames, let’s first look at Framed and its reputation as “the Aaron Brothers of Culver City”. Mind you, Framed is not a carbon copy of Aaron Brothers; we simply offer the same type of frame products their customer base loved, but we even went as far as to improve on that model, offering people something much more easier with added value and higher-quality poster frames and art frames.

Although Aaron Brothers stores don't exist anymore, the popular Aaron Brothers business model of ready-made frames lives strong at Framed in Culver City. When Michaels brought out Aaron Brothers, we saw a real gap in the custom art and poster frame industry; people no longer had a place to go to if they wanted a ready-made poster frame, so Framed took that popular business model, and made it even better. Here are some facts to consider when comparing Aaron Brothers to Framed:

  • Quality - Poster frames at Framed are better quality than Aaron Brothers ever was; we offer ready-made poster frames reflecting various sizes and materials, allowing people to walk in and out with exactly what they were looking for at an affordable price without sacrificing on quality. 
  • Expertise - Remember how Aaron Brothers had a staff member who would always help customers choose the right frame? These were employees who came with no artistic background, and who went through a day of training. Framed staff members are actual artists, and interior designers with advanced skills enabling them to help customers choose the best frames that will not only compliment their poster or artwork, but that will help it pop in the room where it is to be displayed. 
  • Cost - Framed offers ready-made poster frames as an option for those who want a polished presentation when framing their posters, but at a price that’s significantly cheaper than the cost of a custom frame. While custom frames at Framed are still the best-priced custom frames in Los Angeles County, we wanted to offer another level of service and product to those who want an Aaron Brothers option, but who also want a good quality frame that will last. 

Now that you have a better understanding as to Frame’s dedication to offering customers the type of service they were accustomed to at Aaron Brothers, now let’s consider some savvy shopping tips to finding the best 

When is the Aaron Brothers' Frame Style Appropriate, and When Isn’t It?

Aaron Brothers was popular because it provided a solution to people who were in need of fast, basic framing services for your everyday poster. For example, if a guy is decorating his office, finds a great poster of his favorite sports team, and wants to get it framed to compliment the autographed baseballs on his desk, then a ready-made poster framed similar to the types that Aaron Brothers once offered would be a great buy. If your 13 year-old son wants to frame his bedroom posters simply to add a little layer of sophistication, then the Aaron Brothers style of ready-made poster frames at Framed would be perfect. 

However, if you have a rare poster, or something of value, you should invest in a custom poster frame that will better protect the piece and also help it stand out. Whether you have a first-edition Star Wars poster from 1978, an original Woodstock poster from 1969, or a poster depicting a rare piece of advertising from the Art Deco period, then a plain black ready-made poster frame will not do the piece justice. In cases like this, you will be better off having an expert at Framed help you select a custom frame at an affordable price that will help your rare porter truly stand out. 

Should I really Pay More for Other Glass Options for Poster Frames?

If you are framing a standard poster that’s not valuable, then the standard glass will suffice. However, if you are framing a valuable poster, you will definitely want to select a glass that will protect your piece from UV rays. Sunlight can cause posters to fade or develop a yellowish tint. Even if the sunlight isn’t directly hitting the poster through the window, basic exposure to the sun will eventually cause the integrity of the image to fade. This is why getting UV reflective glass for your framed poster is recommended. You can also choose museum-quality glass that protects your poster from the sun and that has an anti-glare so that people from any angle in your home can enjoy viewing the poster, regardless of the angle. 

Finally, if you have a large poster of value, you should consider an acrylic alternative to glass because it is significantly lighter, and you can get this acrylic glass substitute with the UV ray prodding to protect your piece from the sun’s rays. 

Call Framed for the Best Aaron Brothers Frames and Poster Frames Culver City Offers

Aaron Brothers may no longer exist, but thanks to Framed, it’s fast, easy-access business model to ready-made poster frames lives on. Whether you want a fast framing option for your new poster, or you want a poster frame that’s custom and that adds an additional layer of attraction for a poster that has some value to it, we can help you get the most value for your dollar, regardless of the direction you take with frames. 

Call today to book a free consultation, or come on in with your poster and let our staff help you create a look that you will love. 

3 Things You need to Know About Poster Frames

Posters are one of the most popular items frames in homes and businesses. From movies to artwork, and from advertising pieces to music posters, posters are not only artforms and staples in marketing, they also offer some amazing home decor flare for your walls. If you have a poster that you would like to get framed, and you are hoping to make it a feature component to your room, then you will need affordable, high-quality custom or ready made poster frames from a specialty shop like Framed that specializes in framing posters with access to a wide range of styles and colors. 

If you love art, movies, popular culture, travel, music, nature, advertising, or have a specific hobby, you can find amazing posters that reflect your passion and style. However, without the right poster frame, your overall presentation will fall short. 

If you are new to the idea of buying and framing posters, then you likely have some questions. That said, here are the top three questions and concerns reflected by our customers when they come to Framed for custom poster frames, and for ready made poster frames.

1. Where can I Buy the Right Posters to Frame?

If you don’t already have your poster, then you likely have an idea as to what you want, but you just don’t know where to find it. AllPosters is a great place to find thousands of posters that encompass a number of subjects and styles, and they have a very easy user-friendly search tool. Whether you are looking for posters reflecting your favorite PS5 game for your game room, a movie poster for your home theater, or a poster reflecting your favorite piece of art in the Louvre, AllPosters will likely have it. 

If you are looking for original posters, be prepared to spend some money. For example, first edition Star Wars posters retail for over $5,000, and original art deco posters by Leonetto Cappiello are selling for over $16,000.00. If you are looking for original or first-press release posters, your best bet is to Google search them and visit links provided by auction houses, and Ebay can also be a good resource (just make sure to get a legitimate certificate of authenticity). 

If you are looking for art posters, museum gift shops are also ideal. You can also check Etsy, as a number of poster-sellers have shops set up on that platform. 

Pro Tip - Do not pay extra to have the poster seller frame your poster! Not only are the frames poor quality, but the added weight will increase shipping costs, and often the shipping costs are higher than the value of the frame. Framed offers custom poster frames and ready made poster frames that are high-quality and affordable. Let the pros handle this!

2. What Do I Do If the Poster I Want to Frame as a Crease or Wrinkle?

If posters are not properly shipped or stored before they get frames, they can develop creases and wrinkles. Here is a trick that usually works to remove wrinkles and creases from posters:

  • 1. Roll the poster out onto a flat surface like a table or the floor
  • 2. Place a towel or bed sheet over the poster
  • 3. Lightly spritz the towel or sheet with water until it is slightly damp (not wet)
  • 4. Using the lowest heat setting on your clothes iron, run the iron over the towel or sheet, while will enable you to iron the poster through the damp fabric

This method does not come without warning. In some (not all) cases, colors can fade when using this method. That said, if your poster is valuable, you should take it to a specialist who restored art. 

Another method for removing wrinkles in posters is to try the weighted approach:

  • 1. Roll the poster out on a flat surface
  • 2. Place something heavy on each corner of the poster, and place weight evenly across the area of the poster where the wrinkle is located
  • 3. Let the weighted poster sit as it is for 24 hours
  • 4. Remove the weights and take your poster to Framed for the perfect frame

3. How Should the Framed Poster Be Mounted?

When you buy poster frames from Framed, we will help to ensure the mounting is correct. Correct measurements are a must, and once measured, you need to have a quarter-inch overlap that contains everything snuggly and holds it in place. In some cases, posters have important detail on their edges, and if this is the case with your poster, then we suggest the “H” method of mounting–something we will do for you. If you really want your poster to stand out, we can mount it within the poster frame giving an illusion that it is floating. If your poster is valuable, we can use an acid-free backing to prevent damage to the poster, and we can also use museum-quality glass on your poster frame to prevent UV light rays from fading the piece. 

Contact Framed Today for the Best Poster Frames in Los Angeles County!

If you want a high-quality poster frame, call Framed to book a free consultation, or simply walk in with your poster and one of our in-house artists and style experts will help you find the right poster frame to elevate the overall presentation and make the piece stand out in your home. We are known for offering the best customer service, and the highest quality poster frames for the right price. Get your custom or ready-made poster frame today, and love the amazing look that we will help you create!.

What Kind of Artwork Justifies Art Deco Frames?

Art Deco is a bold style that draws lots of attention to itself for a variety of reasons: it’s nostalgic and was considered “modern” in its time, and it also encapsulates the jovial spirit of its time whe flapper girls were dancing their way across the stage while speakeasies secretly served up booze during the time of Prohibition. During this era, the modern conveniences of electric light bulbs bring new life into cities, making them flashy, opulent places of wonderment with New York City leading the way. Art Deco can be seen all over the city from the architectural style of the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Square, to old theater signs and design elements in the subway, this style will continue to live on and remind all of the rich history from which it emerged. 

If you have an original art deco poster, piece of advertisement, or any artwork reflecting this era, then you are likely looking for the best art deco frames for your special piece. There is also a strong chance that you may not be aware if your piece is appropriate for an art deco frame, so this article will strive to help you resolve this problem and determine the right solution for your framing needs. 

What Kind of Photos Belong in an Art Deco Frame?

First, keep in mind that art deco frames reflect a very specific style, and if the wrong subject matter or style of a photo is placed in such a frame, the frame could detract from the photo’s fine points, causing them to be lost in an overpowering frame design. That said, the best photos to put in art deco frames will reflect the very style itself. For example, if you have a large photo of a specific art deco architectural feature of a building, or a family photo of people wearing clothing from that period, then an art deco frame would be perfect. However, using an art deco frame to display a photo of you and your family in front of Windsor Castle, or of a landscape shot, would not be ideal. 

What are the Best Posters for Art Deco Frames?

If you have a poster from the 1920s or 1930s that reflects the style of the time, then an art deco frame would be a perfect choice. Even if the poster is a reproduction, an art deco frame would be perfect because the style is equally reflected. For example, a poster advertising the 1934 Voisin C27 Aerosport automobile, then an art deco frame would do a beautiful job in working with the poster and enhancing those recognizable curves and lines that reflect the period. Even if the poster doesn’t have those “art deco lines and curves”, it could still look amazing in a frame representing that style. For example, if someone brought in a poster of Louis Armstrong features in a 1930s jazz performance, Framed would recommend an art deco style frame as one of several options because the frame’s style would reflect the soul of the photo, and the time from which it was captured. 

Paintings that Pair Well with Art Deco Frames

Much like posters, a painting going into an art deco frame should either feature the design itself, or reflect a time from the 30s and 40s related to culture. In other words, a painting of the Swiss Alps composed in 1936 would not be an ideal piece for an art deco frame, but a painting showing a street scene reflecting Paris nightlife with people dressed in period clothing, would fit beautifully. Also, paintings depicting innovations from the wera are appropriate, such as train designs from the 30s, and reproductions (unless you are fortunate enough to own an original) of paintings by artists like Tamara de Lempicka, would look stunning in art deco frames. 

Art Deco Frames can Also Be Used for Art that Reflects a Nod to the Style

Even if a piece is not art deco, an art deco frame can be used to display it, so long as the poster, photo, painting, or memorabilia nods at the art deco style. For example, the iconic horror film ‘Hellraiser’ by Clive Barker features an object known as the Lament Configuration–a puzzle box with art deco style lines made from gold and wood. Though the movie came out in 1987, a movie prop version of the Lament Configuration would display nicely in an art deco frame, because the object’s decorative style reflects that period, even if it wasn’t made in the 30s or 40s. 

Contact Framed for the Best Art Deco Frames in Los Angeles County

When it comes to finding art deco frames, you have two options: (1) you can hunt for an original art deco frame, and if you can find one in good condition, it will come with a hefty price tag, or (2) you can get a high-quality replica art deco frame at a fraction of the cost, that still offers a high-end look reflecting museum-quality. When you come to Framed our experts will study your artwork or photo, and present you with a few amazing options that reflect the art deco style with sophistication and that garners intrigue. Call to set up a free consultation, or drop in today!

When Looking for a Frame Store Near Me, Consider These 5 Tips

More and more people are learning about the benefits of working with a frame store that specializes in unique, high-quality frames unlike anything you can find in chain stores. But sometimes, finding the right frame store can be challenging, as there are many options out there. When looking for the best frame store near me, there are several things that must apply that include:

  • Frame Selection - Any time you do a Google search for “frame store near me”, you need to make sure that the framing store has a wide selection of frame styles, as this will improve your chances of finding the best frame for your artwork. 
  • Time - The best frame store near me will not be one that contains ready-made frames. Rather, it will have a fast turn-around time for custom art frames that are made-to-order.
  • Pricing  - There are boutique frame stores that have affordable prices, you just need to look for them. Sure, you will pay more than you would at a big chain store, but that’s because these massive department stores sell mass-produced, poorly made frames that last a year or two, at best. However, high quality shouldn’t mean that you drain your bank account. The best frame store near me will offer quality and affordability.
  • Customer service - When you work with the best frame store near me, and near you, there will be a superior level of customer service. In some frame stores, people are told to browse the frame types and choose a few samples they like. However, at the best frame stores like Framed, customers are offered a consultation in which we view photos of the room where the art will be displayed, we ask the customer what features of the art they truly like, and we ask probing questions to get a good sense of the customer’s style. This enables us to truly pair the best frames for every piece of art that enters our doors.
  • Specialty Framing - The best frame stores near me will be able to frame extremely large pieces that can take up entire walls, as well as extremely heavy pieces along with the right mounting tools. If you have a valuable artifact, such as an antique manuscript, map or hand-stitched sampler, we can use protective backing and matting, along with museum-quality glass to keep harmful UV rays off the piece.

These are some of the main benefits you should demand when looking for the best frame store near me, and when you visit Framed, you will be pleased with the frame selection, pricing, fast turn-around time and the exceptional level of service shown to every customer.

People are Willing to Drive a “Distance” to the Best Frame Store Near Me

When speaking about the “best frame store near me”, many think this means the closest frame store around the block. But to get the best deals, best frames, and best service, you may need to travel a short distance. For example, Framed is located in Culver City, and we have customers who come to us from as far as The Valley and West Hills, and from Malibu and Venice. Our customers come to us from all over Los Angeles due to our unique framing capabilities, affordable prices, and museum-quality frames for artwork. 

The Best Frame Stores Near Me Hold a Certain Celebrity Status

Framed is honored to have provided custom frames for clients ranging from the hit HGTV show ‘Property Brothers’, to Sony Studios, and we have even done all the framing for artwork displayed at Google Headquarters. You may think that our framing services are expensive given our list of clientele (several independent celebrities are included on our client list). However, we offer everyone the same high-quality frames at affordable prices. Whether you are Brad Pitt, or that friendly guy who works at your local grocery store, we offer the same affordable prices on our custom frames so that anyone in Los Angeles can experience the joy of high-quality frames for their special pieces. The biggest names in Hollywood come to Framed for the high-quality, and everyone else loves Framed for that, and our low prices.

Contact Framed for the Best Frame Store Near Me

Just one visit to Framed and you will never look for another frame store again. When people do an online search for the best frame store near me, and they discover and visit Framed, they are delighted with the quality and service, and never look for another frame store again. We are dedicated to being your partner for life, helping you get the best frames for your art, photos, posters and memorabilia. Call to schedule a free consultation, or walk in and allow us the honor of helping you breathe new life into your art with the best frames. 

Why Frame Store West Hollywood Customers Partner With Framed

West Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles known for having residents with the highest standards when it comes to art. In fact, people pay a premium to live in this special neighborhood, but at the same time, everyone wants value for their money, as well as high quality when it comes to finding the best art frames for their paintings, posters, photographs, prints, and memorabilia. In fact, according to a survey conducted on N Robertson Blvd outside of a local favorite bar and restaurant, 100 people were surveyed and asked what their biggest pain points were when it came to finding frames for their artwork and photos. The top needs expressed by local residents were finding high-quality, unique frames, and getting these frames at a reasonable price. With this in mind, it is no wonder why Framed is the best frame store West Hollywood customers drive to, even though it is a six-mile drive–because we offer real value for high-quality art frames, and our staff are actual working artists who know how to help people choose the right frames to compliment their pieces. 

Framed Offers West Hollywood Residents More Art Frame Options

When it comes to buying art frames in West Hollywood, residents are limited to what’s available in local shopping centers and frame shops. Unfortunately, despite West Hollywood being known as an artistic community, the pickings are slim. Locals head to Framed because we offer the largest selection of unique, custom frames that come in a wide range of styles, designs, textures and colors. Some of these include:

  • Art Deco frames
  • Modern art frames
  • Wood art frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Antique style frames
  • Shabby chic frames
  • Industrial frames
  • Colorful picture frames
  • Gothic art frames
  • Silver picture frames
  • Bronze frames
  • Mid-century modern art frames

Framed has a variety of wood types used in their frames, with various grain patterns. Whether you want sleak, clean lines like in a teak mid-century modern frame, or an ornate Victorian-style frame, Framed has what you are looking for.

Framed Offers Custom Presentation Options for Framed Artwork and Photos

Another reason why West Hollywood residents work with Framed is because our in-house artists are trained to offer advanced framing options that truly make a piece stand out. For example, we can frame your piece so that it appears to be floating within the frame. For sensitive items with monetary value such as antique maps, documents, and first edition prints, we offer an acid-free backing and museum-quality glass to ensure the piece isn't damaged by UV light or exposure to harmful substances. 

West Hollywood Homeowners Value Our Interior Expert Advice

Do you want your framed art to not only look amazing, but also help to change the style and energy of your room? You can book a consultation with our team, and ask for someone with a background in interior design to assist in helping you select the right art frame for your room. According to our West Hollywood customers, no local shop offers this level of service, and this is just one of many reasons why we attract homeowners, businesses and renters from West Hollywood who see the value in driving just a short distance to work with our highly trained team of design experts. 

Framed Custom Frames Large Pieces and Specialty Projects

Finally, people from West Hollywood (and all over Los ANgeles for that matter) come to Framed because we are capable of picking up massive pieces, custom frame them, deliver them, and have them mounted to your wall. Some of our work has included framing large, heavy pieces that fill up an entire wall, to large triptychs that require precise positioning when being framed, and that require frames that work with the concept. Our experts have framed specialty pieces for Sony Studios, Google, and even for hit TV shows on HGTV . The best part is that residents of West Hollywood benefit from real value, as we perform specialty, high-quality work at an affordable price so that everyone can have the best art frames in their home, despite the depth of their pockets and budget limitations. 

West Hollywood! Come Visit Framed Today!

We love our customers from West Hollywood; they always bring us the most interesting pieces to frame. You can just drop in for a free consultation, or you can give us a call to book a time. We are only six short miles away from West Hollywood, and we look forward to offering you the best customer service experience of your life within a true boutique setting. Don’t forget to bring photos of the room where you plan to hang your art, and we will help you choose the best frame that will prove to be a real game changer for your home’s decor and interior style. 

Why Custom Frame Stores Offer Customers Greater Value that Cheap, Read- Made Frames

While every person has their own unique taste in art and frame styles, all people share two very basic needs when it comes to framing their artwork or photos: they want value for their money, and they want the frame to work well with the piece and look great on the wall. 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can save money by buying ready-made art frames from big box chain stores, or from massive online retailers. Sure, the up-front cost will be cheaper than going the custom route, but does this mean you get true value for your money? The short answer is, no. This article will reveal why customers who shop at a local custom frame store get better value for their money than buying pre-made art frames at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or other massive retailers. 

Custom Frame Stores Offer True Durability that Cheap Pre-Made Frames Don’t

No matter how low in cost a product is, if it doesn't measure up to your expectations, it’s a waste of money. Pre-made frames from big retail stores are made from poor-quality wood fragments and press board that gets processed into a material that becomes the frame. These frames can be easily scratched, dented, and when they fall from only a distance of a few feet (say from the height one would hang a photo on the wall), they almost always break. When this happens you have to go out and buy another. According to an episode of ‘Trading Spaces’ host and interior designer Ty Pennington said that one area of a living space that you shouldn’t cut corners on in the quality department is art frames and picture frames. Now only do they enhance the image you are hanging, Pennington says they add detail and energy to any room. 

When you visit customer frame stores like Framed on Venice Blvd, you will discover a wide range of high-quality art frames, in a number of styles and colors, that are extremely well-made and will last the test of time in which things get banged around, drop, or nudged due to everything from kids playing in the house to an earthquake. Save time (no need to go to the store to buy art frames every time one gets dinged or cracked) and money overall by investing in something that will remain in excellent condition for decades to come.

Custom Frame Stores Give You Museum Quality that Strip Mall Shops Can’t Deliver

Do you want your artwork to look like it was framed for a first-grade show-and-tell event, or do you want a stunning feature wall in your home displaying art possessing a look worthy of the walls at the Getty? When people go to museums, they always notice the frame, and the frames always compliment the painting whether it is an original frame from the Renaissance selected by Caravaggio himself to compliment his painting, or a custom art frame selected by museum staff to properly display a specific piece. Think about it. What option will look better: that cool enlarged photo of your ancestor from the Victorian era in a plain black frame that looks as cheap as a cup of gas station coffee, or a unique, smoky wood frame with carved scrolls , fancy, intricate movement, and elements hinting at the Gothic Revival: a beautifully displayed photo that could be proudly displayed at any museum or gallery?

Custom frame stores also give customers the option to have museum-grade glass. This is a special kind of glass used by museums to protect art and photos from UV light, which can cause artwork and photos to fade, and there is also the option to get anti-glare glass so that the art can be seen and enjoyed from any angle in your room, regardless of lighting. 



Enhance Your Room’s Design Style by Shopping at Custom Frame Stores

Your home likely has a primary interior design style. Whether you are into modern minimalism, the bohemian look, or gothic antiques, you are likely looking for ways to enhance the design style of your rooms without overdoing it. Art frames from custom frame stores give people the option to do this in a way that’s not over-stated, and in a manner that won’t break the bank. Why spend several thousand on installing molding in all of your rooms when you can buy a few custom art frames that capture that look? Pre-made frames don’t give savvy people this option; they all look alike, are bland, and flimsy. When you shop at custom frame stores, be sure to share photos of your room where you plan to hang your art, and ask the staff to help you choose some frame options that will make your room look amazing while enhancing your art. 

Discover Why Framed in Culver City is Regarded as the Best of All Frame Stores Serving Los Angeles County

Framed provides affordable, high-quality custom frames to celebrity clients, TV networks like HGTV, studios, corporations, and households all over LA. There is a reason why return-customers come to us from all over the city: we provide a level of customer service, with the true boutique experience, staffed by actual artists who have the training to help you find the perfect frame for your art, photo, poster, or memorabilia.  Call to book an appointment, or stop in and let us help you create something special while offering the best value for your dollar in all of LA. 



How Custom Frame Stores Help You Use Colorful Picture Frames for your Wall Art

When it comes to the best home decor ideas, nothing quite compares to the look and feel homeowners achieve when they adorn their empty walls with amazing artwork and images or keepsakes that reflect their most precious memories. When we add a personal touch and creativity to a room's design aesthetic, we create more of a homey and relaxing atmosphere. However, pulling this off is easier said than done, and without the right picture frames, you run the risk of creating a sloppy attempt.

Homeowners across Los Angeles have discovered the value in working with Framed, a boutique custom frame store staffed by local artists that not only works with customers to pair the with the best frames for their pieces, but that collaborates to ensure the right look is achieved in the room where the framed pieces are going to be displayed. 

Over the last few years, colored picture frames have dominated the world of interior design in popularity. Not only are colorful picture frames a great way to add accents of colors into back and white rooms (or rooms with earth tones), but they also play roles in enhancing the room’s main design scheme while interplaying with wall art to create a single statement. 

This article is intended to help people learn how custom frame stores selling colorful picture frames can help creative people make beautiful statements with their wall art. 

Colorful Picture Frames can Define Your Personal Gallery

If your goal is to build a personal gallery that reflects your lifestyle, passion, and aesthetic taste, then utilizing colorful picture frames, the right way, can help you achieve this goal. When using the right colorful picture frames, candid snapshots and family photos take on an entirely different life and the colorful picture frames bring those captured moments back to life. 

Rule #1: Avoid Color Dominance. Don’t use a colored picture frame of the same shade that’s predominant in your photo, art work, or artifact. For example, if you want to frame your son’s first baseball mitt that he used in Little League, and the mitt is blue, using a blue frame can cause the piece to get lost. Refer to the color wheel and choose complimentary opposing colors to make the piece pop. A red, orange or deep mustard frame could really make the blue subject matter pop. 

Rule #2: Know When to Elevate Traces of Color. Sometimes it is okay to use colorful picture frames that reflect colors in the photos, so long as the color doesn't dominate the entire image. Let’s say you have an image from your trip to Paris showcasing you and your partner standing next to Balzac’s house; the subject matter will likely be dominated by the beige and light gray tones common with the buildings of Paris, and the only color that may be present in the photo would be the color of your clothing. In this case because the green color in your dress pattern is not splashed across the photo in other areas, using a green frame in the same shade, or even in a darker shade, can really enhance the image while making it pop.

Rule #3: Consider the Final Color Display. Once you have selected the right colorful picture frames for your photos, art, and artifacts, make sure they all compliment each other as a grouping. You don't want colorful picture frames mixed in that create tension or that don’t compliment one another. Make sure they play by the rules of the color wheel, or if you are using colorful picture frames of the same color, consider various shades to add an extra layer of creativity and drama. 

Using Colorful Picture Frames to Create an Ombre Effect

According to HGTV star David Bromstad, an ombre wall treatment is a great inexpensive way to add drama and energy to a room, and this technique is extremely popular not only for painting rooms, but also for restoring furniture and it is used in decorative techniques for interior design.

The ombre effect uses a single color that gradually transitions into another color creating a dreamy water-color look as it engulfs the spectrum suspended between two colors. You can achieve the ombre effect in a very creative way by using colorful picture frames that transition from one color to another, and Framed is the best custom frame store to help you achieve this look. Simply bring in your collection of photos or art, and we can help you define the right color to start with, and the various shades needed to achieve the transition into your target color. We can help you determine the right colors based on your preference, the colors in your imagery, and the predominant colors in the room where you intend to display your artwork. 

Colorful Picture Frames that Challenge Your Comfort Zone, and Delight the Senses

Many people are afraid to use color. Black, white and earthtones are safe. Some people may feel as if they are being adventurous by choosing colorful throw pillows for the sofa (it’s a noble start), but for whatever reason, people can be timid when it comes to painting walls with bright colors. This is where the best colorful picture frames for artwork and photos can really really help to introduce color into a bland home. Consider mixing in red, blue, yellow and green picture frames on your feature wall that display your cherished black and white photos. The colorful art frames will really pop against the black and white subject matter, and the color contrast of the frames will play nicely together while adding energy to your room that is otherwise lacking color. 

Visit Framed for the Best Colorful Picture Frames and Decor Ideas

Are you ready to step outside the box and add color and energy to your living space? Framed is conveniently located between Culver City and Venice Beach with fast, easy access from multiple neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Bring in your photos, artwork, or the pieces you want to frame, and our in-house artists will examine your pieces, review photos of the room in which you will hang your pieces, and we will work with you to select the best colorful picture frames while sharing some unique design ideas. Our goal is to understand your style, and elevate it beyond your wildest expectations. Come in for a free consultation, and discover how you can redefine the aura of your home by using the best colorful picture frames in a highly creative manner. 

3 Reasons Why Custom Frame Stores Offer Better Value than Cheaper Ready-Made Frames

So you have that special painting you bought on a memorable trip, or a great poster, or you may have an antique map or special family photo requiring an art frame. Naturally, you want your piece to look great in its new frame, and you also want to pay a fair price and get a value from your purchase.

One of the biggest mistakes people make who are trying to get the best price on art frames is to go to a big box chain store, and get something that’s ready made and that you frame yourself. Sure, the price tag will be less, but does that necessarily translate to value. The short answer is, absolutely not, and here are three reasons why buying from the best custom frame stores offers more value than ready-made frames from big chain stores in strip malls. 

1. Custom Frame Stores Provide Multiple Options to Better Complete Your Artwork

You have probably noticed that when you shop at large chain stores, the types of frames that you can buy are very limited in size and style. If you want to create a look where you have a larger portion of the mat showing, or if your piece has a unique shape or size, you will be hard pressed to find something that offers the perfect size. Furthermore, the style of frames will be limited. Most art frames from big chain stores are plain, or they have a design, but it’s mass produced and offers no unique features. 

What if you have an old family poretain from the 19th century, and you want a frame to match the time period being reflected? Big chain stores aren't going to have Victorian style frames, and you certainly don't have the time to hunt down a true period frame. However, custom frame stores will have multiple choices in a variety of frame styles to choose from, and the overall presentation of your piece will have a professional look, and enhance the overall look and feel of your piece that you are framing. 

2. Custom Frame Stores Offer Superior Quality, and Well-Made Frames that Will Last for Decades

Another reason why custom frame stores offer better value is that the quality of the frames are significantly better. When you buy mass-produced frames at big chain stores, they are made from pressed board or “wood waste”. This material scratches very easily, and it doesn't take much for these to crack or break. The reason why these art frames have a cheap sticker price is because the materials are cheap, and mass producing them is cheap. So, you are paying a cheap price for a cheap inferior product. Anyone who takes the time and money to frame something is doing so because the piece is special; it has meaning, value, and you have an emotional connection with it. When you invest a bit more with custom frame stores, you get a framed piece that will last for decades; that you can pass down to family, and that won’t sustain damage the way cheaply made frames will. Even if a good frame falls off the wall, it won’t get even the slightest dent, and with the earthquakes we experience in Los Angeles, higher quality frames offer greater value. Finally, you pay for something unique, and during the framing process at custom frame stores, you work with the in-house artists to ensure you are truly selecting an amazing frame that compliments your art and the room it will be hung in. You get that true boutique experience!

3. When You Visit Custom Frame Stores, You Are Part of the Process with Top Drawer Customer Service

All custom frame stores are a bit different, but when you visit Framed in Culver City, you get a full consultation with an art specialist in which we look at photos of the room where you plan to hang your artwork or piece, we study the piece you want to frame taking in multiple considerations, and while taking your personal taste into account, we present you with several options that will help make your art stand out, while making the frame an extension of your art, and that will blend beautifully into your room. In fact, our store manager is not only an artist and frame expert, she is also an interior designer! When you buy ready-made frames from a large store, you won’t get this level of service, and you have no say in your frame other than what you choose to buy that’s on the shelves. 

Book a Consultation with Framed Today: See How We can Provide Solutions to Every Need You Have When it Comes to Framing

You are on a mission to get the perfect frame for your special piece, and you have every right to be demanding when it comes to various elements of your art frame. At Framed, we strive to make every customer experience truly special, and we work with you to create the perfect look for your artwork that meets every single requirement and need. Call us today to book a consultation, or feel free to walk right in. We always have someone standing by to help our valued customers create a treasured piece that will brighten up their lives!