The Best Frame Store Beverlywood has to Offer for Framing Artwork, Posters, Photographs and Memorabilia

The Best Frame Store Beverlywood

When it comes to framing artwork and items that are valuable or hold sentimental value, Beverlywood residents demand the best. Mass-produced store-bought art frames won’t cut it; nothing can destroy the quality, energy, or connection with art than a common, poor-quality frame, and this is why residents go to Framed for the best frame store Beverlywood has to offer to local residents. Located only two miles away on Ventura Blvd in Culver City, Beverlywood residents have been going to Framed for years, as it is the top provider of custom frames for HGTV, Sony Studios, celebrity clientele, and art lovers and home owners who truly the value of an affordable, high-quality unique frame for their various pieces to display around the home or office. 

What Types of Frame Styles are Popular with Beverlywood Residents?

Beverlywood residents make up a wide range of people with varying aesthetic taste. Simply drive the neighborhood and you will see modern homes with clean lines on Hillsboro Avenue, mid-century modern homes on Sawyer Street, and even some classic craftsman homes on South Beverly Drive and Guthrie. With so many homes representing a wide range of architectural styles, there comes a wide range of aesthetic styles that vary from the interiors of so many homes, and this also extends to art frames. Some of the most popular types of art frames popular with Beverlywood residents include the following:

  • Modern frames
  • Wood art frames (several types of woods and grains to choose from)
  • Victorian style frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Rustic frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Colorful picture frames
  • Floating frames
  • Antique style frames
  • Gothic style frames
  • Contemporary frames


Many of our Beverlywood customers who have newly built modern homes come to us to build custom modern art frames for their large-sized pieces, and other works of art they intend to display throughout the home. We also work with homeowners who are more traditional and decorate their homes with antiques–they come to our experts at Framed to find unique Victorian-style frames, antique frames and gold leaf frames to continue the classic aesthetic. No matter what your style is, we can help you find the perfect frame for your painting, poster or photograph.

Framed is Dedicated to Enhancing the Artistry of the Beverlywood Neighborhood 

Beverlywood is a unique neighborhood in Los Angeles that is no stranger to preserving the aesthetic value of a community. Developed in 1940 by Walter H. Leimert, Beverlywood has roughly 1,355 single family homes and was established as the first community to adopt strict regulations on architectural home styles, house colors, design, landscaping and other aesthetic points enforced by an appointed review committee. In fact, the beverlywood Home Association is known for maintaining the highest exterior aesthetic values, so naturally locals care a great deal about the appearance of their environment, and for this reason alone Framed was able to  move in with ease to give our special residents exactly what they are looking for when it comes to the best art frames made from the highest construction standards that are unique and that enhance a room’s beauty and energy. When residents aren’t enjoying one of many green spaces in Beverlywood such as Circle Park, they enjoy caring for their beautiful homes, and part of this care involves framing their art with the best art frames Beverlywood has to offer just a short drive away. 

Why Framed is the Best Frame Store in Beverlywood?

While there are several boutique frame stores to choose from located near Beverlywood, there are a number of reasons why Framed stands out as the best option. Framed is a boutique frame store in Beverlywood, really just a short drive away, staffed by true artists who have the experience and training to skillfully pair the right artwork with the right frames. We focus on the customer experience, meaning every customer is treated to a free consultation in which, together, we examine the art work, photos of the room in which you plan to hang the art, and we talk to you and get to know what you love about your art work. Then we present some options that compliment the art, reflect your style, fit into the style of your room and home, and we go over other options such as matting and glass type. We offer museum-quality glass to protect the art from UV light, as well as anti-glare glass, and an acrylic option so that the piece won’t be so heavy. 

Framed gives the residents of Beverlywood a plethora of options, and a real artist’s touch from the time when we select the right frame and accessories, to the actual framing project and presentation of the piece. 

Call Framed for a Consultation with the Best Frame Store Beverlywood Offers (Or Stop On in)

Beverlywood residents drop into our frame shop all the time, and we love all of our walk-ins. However, we know your time is valuable so we provide our special customers with the option to book consultation with one of our in-house artists. We look forward to showing you the best frame options for your artwork that will make your Beverlywood home stand out as its interior features your unique artistic taste, personality and energy. Book a consultation today, or come on over, and let us show you the Framed difference first hand!