From Black Framed Art for Living Room Decor to White Picture Frames: We Have the White or Black Fine Art Frame that Will Complete the Look of Your Room

Black frames art and white picture frames continue to grow in popularity. Similarly to gray, black is a neutral color that never goes out of style. However, black introduces a layer of boldness to a living room, or any room for that matter, that will prevent it from ever looking washed-out. Black interiors, or spaces with black as a primary color, normally stay away from bright colors, or they limit the use of color, so when framing artwork, posters or photos with color, a black frame can be critical to keeping the even tone of the interior style. Black framed art for living room decor balances drama with simplicity, and it adds a massive degree of sophistication to your space.

Black wood frames and white wood frames are the two most popular frame options people purchase, because they fit virtually any room style, and can be paired with almost any work of art, photo, or artificat in need of a frame. 

White picture frames are popular in homes located in coastal areas, as they help to promote a bright and breezy sensation when viewing art in such a setting. White picture frames, or white frames for art, also offer a very clean look, and can help colors in the art of photographs pop with more vibrancy. White frames for art also have their own place where black frames simply don’t fir. For example, if you are framing a piece with a nautical theme, a white frame would be ideal, while a black frame would not. However, for modern art, or black and white photos, a black frame or a white frame could both work very well, which one to choose would simply fall back on the preference of the customer. 

Let’s explore the benefits of white picture frames and black framed art in order to get a better understanding of which option is right for your aethetic tastes, work of art, and for the room in which it will be displayed.

Black VS White: White Picture Frames are Better for Rustic Decor

While black offers a clean, sleek look, it isn’t very good at capturing rustic details in the wood because it is too dark. White, on the other hand, showcases all the aging techniques because it is light enough to draw the eyes to the design features of the frame that help to complete the rustic look to your room. 

White VS Black Art Frames: White Picture Frames are Better for Showcasing Antiques and Special Organic Materials

Nothing looks quite as sophisticated as white picture frames with tarra cotta tiles and sculptures. Since Culver City and homes across Los Angeles feature a great degree of terra cotta, white picture frames in these spaces would create a much better look than using black art frames. If you are creating a shadow box or display for some antiquities or for a family heirloom, white picture frames would also be the ideal frame to use because black will add an unecessary layer of drama that can distract one from the object. 

Framed has the Best White Picture Frames Culver City Offers

Our customers come to Framed from all over Los Angeles County for custom white picture frames. At Framed in Culver City, you can find the right white art frame for you, as we have the following:

  • Modern white frames
  • Rustic white frames
  • White poster frames
  • White ready-made frames
  • White antique frames
  • White wood frames
  • Thin white frames
  • Thich, wide white frames

We even have white frames with glitter, and other fun design elements for kid’s rooms, or for those who are looking for white picture frames that have added detail to elevate the sense of fun in the room. Whether you have a brightly colored painting on canvas, a large black and white photo, or an antique poster, Framed of Culver City has the largest selection of white picture frames in LA, and the best one for your piece is right here!

Best Black Art Frames Culver City Offers to Modern living Spaces

Whether you seek black framed art for living room decor, black art frames for your bedrooms, or you want black picture frames for every room in the house to truly capitalize on the modern look, Framed in Culver City provides homeowners and businesses all over Los Angeles County with custom black art frames in a number of finishes and styles. Some of our black art frames include:

  • High glodd black frames
  • Matte black frames
  • Modern black frames
  • Black antique frames / Gothic frames
  • Black wood frames
  • Black poster frames
  • This black frames
  • Thick black picture frames

We also have black frames in a wide range of black tones, from coal to smokey, and from black pitch to midnight–you can find the best black art frame in all of LA, right here at Framed in Culver City.

Call Framed for a Free Consultation to Find the Best Black Art Frames and White Picture Frames to Meet Your Aesthetic Tastes

When you come into Framed, bring your art, poster, photo or artifact along with a photo of the room where you intend to have the piece displayed, and out expert staff will help you choose the best black frame or white frame to make your item pop in its intended room. We offer custom frames at a competitive price that far exceeds the quality of frames from big box stores and most other frame shops. Feel free to call to book an appointment, or simply walk in and allow our specialists to present you with the widest selection of black frames and white frames in all of LA.