So you have that special painting you bought on a memorable trip, or a great poster, or you may have an antique map or special family photo requiring an art frame. Naturally, you want your piece to look great in its new frame, and you also want to pay a fair price and get a value from your purchase.

One of the biggest mistakes people make who are trying to get the best price on art frames is to go to a big box chain store, and get something that’s ready made and that you frame yourself. Sure, the price tag will be less, but does that necessarily translate to value. The short answer is, absolutely not, and here are three reasons why buying from the best custom frame stores offers more value than ready-made frames from big chain stores in strip malls. 

1. Custom Frame Stores Provide Multiple Options to Better Complete Your Artwork

You have probably noticed that when you shop at large chain stores, the types of frames that you can buy are very limited in size and style. If you want to create a look where you have a larger portion of the mat showing, or if your piece has a unique shape or size, you will be hard pressed to find something that offers the perfect size. Furthermore, the style of frames will be limited. Most art frames from big chain stores are plain, or they have a design, but it’s mass produced and offers no unique features. 

What if you have an old family poretain from the 19th century, and you want a frame to match the time period being reflected? Big chain stores aren’t going to have Victorian style frames, and you certainly don’t have the time to hunt down a true period frame. However, custom frame stores will have multiple choices in a variety of frame styles to choose from, and the overall presentation of your piece will have a professional look, and enhance the overall look and feel of your piece that you are framing. 

2. Custom Frame Stores Offer Superior Quality, and Well-Made Frames that Will Last for Decades

Another reason why custom frame stores offer better value is that the quality of the frames are significantly better. When you buy mass-produced frames at big chain stores, they are made from pressed board or “wood waste”. This material scratches very easily, and it doesn’t take much for these to crack or break. The reason why these art frames have a cheap sticker price is because the materials are cheap, and mass producing them is cheap. So, you are paying a cheap price for a cheap inferior product. Anyone who takes the time and money to frame something is doing so because the piece is special; it has meaning, value, and you have an emotional connection with it. When you invest a bit more with custom frame stores, you get a framed piece that will last for decades; that you can pass down to family, and that won’t sustain damage the way cheaply made frames will. Even if a good frame falls off the wall, it won’t get even the slightest dent, and with the earthquakes we experience in Los Angeles, higher quality frames offer greater value. Finally, you pay for something unique, and during the framing process at custom frame stores, you work with the in-house artists to ensure you are truly selecting an amazing frame that compliments your art and the room it will be hung in. You get that true boutique experience!

3. When You Visit Custom Frame Stores, You Are Part of the Process with Top Drawer Customer Service

All custom frame stores are a bit different, but when you visit Framed in Culver City, you get a full consultation with an art specialist in which we look at photos of the room where you plan to hang your artwork or piece, we study the piece you want to frame taking in multiple considerations, and while taking your personal taste into account, we present you with several options that will help make your art stand out, while making the frame an extension of your art, and that will blend beautifully into your room. In fact, our store manager is not only an artist and frame expert, she is also an interior designer! When you buy ready-made frames from a large store, you won’t get this level of service, and you have no say in your frame other than what you choose to buy that’s on the shelves. 

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You are on a mission to get the perfect frame for your special piece, and you have every right to be demanding when it comes to various elements of your art frame. At Framed, we strive to make every customer experience truly special, and we work with you to create the perfect look for your artwork that meets every single requirement and need. Call us today to book a consultation, or feel free to walk right in. We always have someone standing by to help our valued customers create a treasured piece that will brighten up their lives!