Posters are one of the most popular items frames in homes and businesses. From movies to artwork, and from advertising pieces to music posters, posters are not only artforms and staples in marketing, they also offer some amazing home decor flare for your walls. If you have a poster that you would like to get framed, and you are hoping to make it a feature component to your room, then you will need affordable, high-quality custom or ready made poster frames from a specialty shop like Framed that specializes in framing posters with access to a wide range of styles and colors. 

If you love art, movies, popular culture, travel, music, nature, advertising, or have a specific hobby, you can find amazing posters that reflect your passion and style. However, without the right poster frame, your overall presentation will fall short. 

If you are new to the idea of buying and framing posters, then you likely have some questions. That said, here are the top three questions and concerns reflected by our customers when they come to Framed for custom poster frames, and for ready made poster frames.

1. Where can I Buy the Right Posters to Frame?

If you don’t already have your poster, then you likely have an idea as to what you want, but you just don’t know where to find it. AllPosters is a great place to find thousands of posters that encompass a number of subjects and styles, and they have a very easy user-friendly search tool. Whether you are looking for posters reflecting your favorite PS5 game for your game room, a movie poster for your home theater, or a poster reflecting your favorite piece of art in the Louvre, AllPosters will likely have it. 

If you are looking for original posters, be prepared to spend some money. For example, first edition Star Wars posters retail for over $5,000, and original art deco posters by Leonetto Cappiello are selling for over $16,000.00. If you are looking for original or first-press release posters, your best bet is to Google search them and visit links provided by auction houses, and Ebay can also be a good resource (just make sure to get a legitimate certificate of authenticity). 

If you are looking for art posters, museum gift shops are also ideal. You can also check Etsy, as a number of poster-sellers have shops set up on that platform. 

Pro Tip – Do not pay extra to have the poster seller frame your poster! Not only are the frames poor quality, but the added weight will increase shipping costs, and often the shipping costs are higher than the value of the frame. Framed offers custom poster frames and ready made poster frames that are high-quality and affordable. Let the pros handle this!

2. What Do I Do If the Poster I Want to Frame as a Crease or Wrinkle?

If posters are not properly shipped or stored before they get frames, they can develop creases and wrinkles. Here is a trick that usually works to remove wrinkles and creases from posters:

  • 1. Roll the poster out onto a flat surface like a table or the floor
  • 2. Place a towel or bed sheet over the poster
  • 3. Lightly spritz the towel or sheet with water until it is slightly damp (not wet)
  • 4. Using the lowest heat setting on your clothes iron, run the iron over the towel or sheet, while will enable you to iron the poster through the damp fabric

This method does not come without warning. In some (not all) cases, colors can fade when using this method. That said, if your poster is valuable, you should take it to a specialist who restored art. 

Another method for removing wrinkles in posters is to try the weighted approach:

  • 1. Roll the poster out on a flat surface
  • 2. Place something heavy on each corner of the poster, and place weight evenly across the area of the poster where the wrinkle is located
  • 3. Let the weighted poster sit as it is for 24 hours
  • 4. Remove the weights and take your poster to Framed for the perfect frame

3. How Should the Framed Poster Be Mounted?

When you buy poster frames from Framed, we will help to ensure the mounting is correct. Correct measurements are a must, and once measured, you need to have a quarter-inch overlap that contains everything snuggly and holds it in place. In some cases, posters have important detail on their edges, and if this is the case with your poster, then we suggest the “H” method of mounting–something we will do for you. If you really want your poster to stand out, we can mount it within the poster frame giving an illusion that it is floating. If your poster is valuable, we can use an acid-free backing to prevent damage to the poster, and we can also use museum-quality glass on your poster frame to prevent UV light rays from fading the piece. 

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