Torrance, California is home to a number of residences and businesses that place emphasis on high-quality and style. That said, Torrance residents looking for custom art frames will often spend a great degree of time visiting various shops, looking for the right frame styles to suit their aesthetic taste and that will compliment their piece. Torrance has a popular chain of frame stores, but there is no joy in purchasing something that hundreds of other people are buying all over Los Angeles. People in search of a better experience proclaim that Framed is the best frame store Torrance offers, as locals will make the short drive to our boutique frame shop to find the unique, high-quality frames that meet their needs.

Here are five of the most popular frame types that our valued customers from Torrance purchased in 2022, and that we continue to supply to those who have an eye for finer quality frames.

1. Buy the Best Poster Frames

Poster frames were the best-selling product in 2022. When most people think of poster frames, they think of those black, thin frames that you can buy at big box department stores; they are mass-produced, flimsy, and they all look the same, meaning people are framing posters in a bland manner. Framed has brought quality back to poster frames: we offer ready-made poster frames that fit the most popular dimensions with high-quality, handmade wood frame material from leftover projects, and we are able to pass the savings on to our customers by making them extremely affordable. Now, residents from Torrance can come to Framed and walk away with the following types of ready-made poster frames that offer a custom look:

  • Modern poster frames
  • Wood poster frames
  • Gold poster frames
  • Rustic poster frames
  • Colorful poster frames
  • Antique poster frames
  • Contemporary poster frames
  • Art Deco poster frames

Whether you are looking for an Art Deco poster frame to enhance the look of your 1920a movie poster, or a mid century modern poster frame to create an amazing look for your fine art poster print, Framed can help you create an amazing look that will stand out on an all-new level of quality, at a fraction of the price of doing a full custom job.

2. Colorful Picture Frames and Art Frames

Colorful frames were extremely popular, and continue to be as we continue on through 2023. In fact, we recently expanded our inventory to include a number of high-quality custom colored frames in a wide variety of color shades and designs. For example, someone looking for the right shade of a blue frame can choose from navy blue, robin egg blue, indigo, turquoise, marine blue, royal blue, baby blue, sky blue, denim, powder blue, arctic blue, neon blue, cyan and many more. Just imagine, for every color of the rainbow, framed has custom framing options that come in multiple shades giving our customers from Torrance the widest selection to choose from, and therefore we put our customers in the best position to walk away with a design and overall presentation that’s truly unique.

3. Antique Art Frames

Some people call the style antique, others call it gothic, and some will identify them as Victorian style frames. Framed offers a wide range of art frames that offer an antique look, meaning they are intricately carved to reflect the style common in the middle and later part of the 19th century. Framed was honored to help customers from Torrance find the perfect antique frame style for a wide range of artwork. For example, one client brought in an original ‘Dracula’ poster featuring Bela Lugosi and wanted a gothic / antique black frame to compliment the subject matter, while another client invested in a beautiful custom gold antique frame style for a Jane Austin inspired painting. Clients also brought antique frame styles for old family photos dating back to the turn of the century, and one customer even bought a black, antique frame style for her daughter’s autographed ‘Twilight’ poster. Antique style poster frames are very popular because they fulfill the design needs of a wide range of materials and subjects.

4. Rustic Art Frames

Rustic art frames are highly popular, and were a favorite style amongst our Torrance customers. In fact, we provided a bulk order of rustic art frames for a real estate developer who was designing a modern apartment building in the Torrance Beach neighborhood, and was looking for rustic frames to make a connection with the beach and nature within a modern living space. The rustic art frames he chose resembled driftwood, and have the art a “beachy feel” while still comfortably projecting a modern aesthetic.

5. Torrance Loves Mid Century Modern Art Frames

Mid century modern aesthetics are very popular; this style has dominated the design world for the last decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. That said, people are buying everything from artwork, advertising pieces, maps, and artifacts that exhibit mid-century design, so it goes without saying that a frame reflecting the same style is prized, as it will close the loop by completing that holistic, full look that’s true to the style. We offer mid century art frames made from teak and other wood types that were commonly used in 1950s and 1960s interior design; some of our customers from Torrance will have us float the poster or artwork within the frame to give it an even more striking look while staying authentic to the style.

Torrance, CA Loves Framed, Come Visit Us for the Best Custom Frames in All of LA

There is a reason why people make the short drive from Torrance to Framed: we offer the highest-quality and widest selection of unique, custom frames, and we even offer the same quality in accessible ready-made frames. Give us a call to book a free design consultation, or stop in and one of our specialists will work with you to create a total look with a custom frame that you will love.