Having the freedom to be able to invest in original, one of a kind fine art pieces is a privilege that not everyone can afford. But at the end of the day, without the right frame and protective presentation materials, the artwork can look “cheap” and be vulnerable to damage. With the holidays just around the corner, investing in fine art framing for your loved one can be that memorable gift they will never forget, and such a gift will serve as a sincere one with real feeling and an emotional gesture. Framed is known as the best fine art framing Culver City shop serving all of Los Angeles due to our high quality materials, largest inventory, and expert staff that offer the greatest customer service experience you will ever have. 

What is Fine Art?

Fine art can be defined in a number of ways. Some argue that it is an original work by a known artist that holds significant monetary value, such as a piece of anti-authoritarian stencil spray paint art by Bansky, or an original Caravagio purchased at an auction during your last trip to Italy. Fine art can easily exceed six figures in value, and be worth millions as well.

Then there are some to refer to fine art as original, visual art work that’s appreciated for its imaginative, intellectual or aesthetic content. This could be work from an up-and-coming local artist purchased at an arts festival, or original art from an unknown artist that took special care in creating something striking. These pieces may not be worth a large financial sum, but they are appreciated for their detail and all of the work that went into creating the piece. 

Finally, fine art can also be rare or vintage posters. For example, the original Obama “Hope” campaign poster is not vintage, but it is worth around $3,000. In comparison, the international movie poster for Fritz lang’s hit ‘Metropolis’ sold at auction for $690,000. Even vintage advertisement pieces can be regarded as fine art. 

With decades of experience, Framed has a reputation as being the highest quality fine art framing Culver City store with a wide range of experience in framing all types of fine art, and this gives customers just like you peace of mind that when using our fine art professionals to display your loved one’s pieces, you will get a museum-quality look that will make this the most memorable gift ever. 

Fine Art Framing Also Improves A Room’s Interior

According to the book, ‘Fashion, Interior Design, and the Contours of Modern Identity’ edited by Alla Myzellev and John Potvin, the two main things that define a space are fabrics / textiles, and art work. Generic art, such as mass-produced prints from big box stores, give a living space the feel of blandness and ennui, while fine art enlightens a space with vibrancy, energy, and uniqueness. When you take your loved one’s original artwork to Framed for our renowned fine art framing services, we will ensure that the frame compliments the piece, as well as the room in which it will be displayed, This is why it is ideal that you take pictures of the room where the fine art will be hung, as this way our experts can help you select a frame worthy of the art, and the room. 

Fine Art Framing Makes for the Best Xmas Gift

According to a research paper published by Loyola University Chicago by John F. Sherry Jr. and Mary Ann McGrath titled, The Disposition of the Gift and Many Unhappy Returns’, gifts that have sentimental value, or personal thoughts and surrounding them, garner the greatest level of joy in those who unwrap their gifts. And you can’t get much more personal than fine art framing. After all, studies show that more than 90% of people buy art that has an emotional attachment, or that is associated with a special memory. For example, if a couple buys a painting on their honeymoon, or someone inherits a painting that’s been in the family for multiple generations, framing such a piece would, according to studies, serve as the best present ever and touch the sentimental heart strings of even the most guarded person. 

Come to Framed for the Best Fine Art Framing Culver City has to Offer

Now is the time to frame your loved one’s artwork. Call Framed today to book an appointment so we can give you a free consultation, or walk in at your convenience. We look forward to helping you select a luxury custom frame for your artwork, and we will make sure your piece looks museum-quality, and ready to be the star gift at your family Xmas party.