When it comes to the best home decor ideas, nothing quite compares to the look and feel homeowners achieve when they adorn their empty walls with amazing artwork and images or keepsakes that reflect their most precious memories. When we add a personal touch and creativity to a room’s design aesthetic, we create more of a homey and relaxing atmosphere. However, pulling this off is easier said than done, and without the right picture frames, you run the risk of creating a sloppy attempt.

Homeowners across Los Angeles have discovered the value in working with Framed, a boutique custom frame store staffed by local artists that not only works with customers to pair the with the best frames for their pieces, but that collaborates to ensure the right look is achieved in the room where the framed pieces are going to be displayed. 

Over the last few years, colored picture frames have dominated the world of interior design in popularity. Not only are colorful picture frames a great way to add accents of colors into back and white rooms (or rooms with earth tones), but they also play roles in enhancing the room’s main design scheme while interplaying with wall art to create a single statement. 

This article is intended to help people learn how custom frame stores selling colorful picture frames can help creative people make beautiful statements with their wall art. 

Colorful Picture Frames can Define Your Personal Gallery

If your goal is to build a personal gallery that reflects your lifestyle, passion, and aesthetic taste, then utilizing colorful picture frames, the right way, can help you achieve this goal. When using the right colorful picture frames, candid snapshots and family photos take on an entirely different life and the colorful picture frames bring those captured moments back to life. 

Rule #1: Avoid Color Dominance. Don’t use a colored picture frame of the same shade that’s predominant in your photo, art work, or artifact. For example, if you want to frame your son’s first baseball mitt that he used in Little League, and the mitt is blue, using a blue frame can cause the piece to get lost. Refer to the color wheel and choose complimentary opposing colors to make the piece pop. A red, orange or deep mustard frame could really make the blue subject matter pop. 

Rule #2: Know When to Elevate Traces of Color. Sometimes it is okay to use colorful picture frames that reflect colors in the photos, so long as the color doesn’t dominate the entire image. Let’s say you have an image from your trip to Paris showcasing you and your partner standing next to Balzac’s house; the subject matter will likely be dominated by the beige and light gray tones common with the buildings of Paris, and the only color that may be present in the photo would be the color of your clothing. In this case because the green color in your dress pattern is not splashed across the photo in other areas, using a green frame in the same shade, or even in a darker shade, can really enhance the image while making it pop.

Rule #3: Consider the Final Color Display. Once you have selected the right colorful picture frames for your photos, art, and artifacts, make sure they all compliment each other as a grouping. You don’t want colorful picture frames mixed in that create tension or that don’t compliment one another. Make sure they play by the rules of the color wheel, or if you are using colorful picture frames of the same color, consider various shades to add an extra layer of creativity and drama. 

Using Colorful Picture Frames to Create an Ombre Effect

According to HGTV star David Bromstad, an ombre wall treatment is a great inexpensive way to add drama and energy to a room, and this technique is extremely popular not only for painting rooms, but also for restoring furniture and it is used in decorative techniques for interior design.

The ombre effect uses a single color that gradually transitions into another color creating a dreamy water-color look as it engulfs the spectrum suspended between two colors. You can achieve the ombre effect in a very creative way by using colorful picture frames that transition from one color to another, and Framed is the best custom frame store to help you achieve this look. Simply bring in your collection of photos or art, and we can help you define the right color to start with, and the various shades needed to achieve the transition into your target color. We can help you determine the right colors based on your preference, the colors in your imagery, and the predominant colors in the room where you intend to display your artwork. 

Colorful Picture Frames that Challenge Your Comfort Zone, and Delight the Senses

Many people are afraid to use color. Black, white and earthtones are safe. Some people may feel as if they are being adventurous by choosing colorful throw pillows for the sofa (it’s a noble start), but for whatever reason, people can be timid when it comes to painting walls with bright colors. This is where the best colorful picture frames for artwork and photos can really really help to introduce color into a bland home. Consider mixing in red, blue, yellow and green picture frames on your feature wall that display your cherished black and white photos. The colorful art frames will really pop against the black and white subject matter, and the color contrast of the frames will play nicely together while adding energy to your room that is otherwise lacking color. 

Visit Framed for the Best Colorful Picture Frames and Decor Ideas

Are you ready to step outside the box and add color and energy to your living space? Framed is conveniently located between Culver City and Venice Beach with fast, easy access from multiple neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Bring in your photos, artwork, or the pieces you want to frame, and our in-house artists will examine your pieces, review photos of the room in which you will hang your pieces, and we will work with you to select the best colorful picture frames while sharing some unique design ideas. Our goal is to understand your style, and elevate it beyond your wildest expectations. Come in for a free consultation, and discover how you can redefine the aura of your home by using the best colorful picture frames in a highly creative manner.