More and more people are learning about the benefits of working with a frame store that specializes in unique, high-quality frames unlike anything you can find in chain stores. But sometimes, finding the right frame store can be challenging, as there are many options out there. When looking for the best frame store near me, there are several things that must apply that include:

  • Frame Selection – Any time you do a Google search for “frame store near me”, you need to make sure that the framing store has a wide selection of frame styles, as this will improve your chances of finding the best frame for your artwork. 
  • Time – The best frame store near me will not be one that contains ready-made frames. Rather, it will have a fast turn-around time for custom art frames that are made-to-order.
  • Pricing  – There are boutique frame stores that have affordable prices, you just need to look for them. Sure, you will pay more than you would at a big chain store, but that’s because these massive department stores sell mass-produced, poorly made frames that last a year or two, at best. However, high quality shouldn’t mean that you drain your bank account. The best frame store near me will offer quality and affordability.
  • Customer service – When you work with the best frame store near me, and near you, there will be a superior level of customer service. In some frame stores, people are told to browse the frame types and choose a few samples they like. However, at the best frame stores like Framed, customers are offered a consultation in which we view photos of the room where the art will be displayed, we ask the customer what features of the art they truly like, and we ask probing questions to get a good sense of the customer’s style. This enables us to truly pair the best frames for every piece of art that enters our doors.
  • Specialty Framing – The best frame stores near me will be able to frame extremely large pieces that can take up entire walls, as well as extremely heavy pieces along with the right mounting tools. If you have a valuable artifact, such as an antique manuscript, map or hand-stitched sampler, we can use protective backing and matting, along with museum-quality glass to keep harmful UV rays off the piece.

These are some of the main benefits you should demand when looking for the best frame store near me, and when you visit Framed, you will be pleased with the frame selection, pricing, fast turn-around time and the exceptional level of service shown to every customer.

People are Willing to Drive a “Distance” to the Best Frame Store Near Me

When speaking about the “best frame store near me”, many think this means the closest frame store around the block. But to get the best deals, best frames, and best service, you may need to travel a short distance. For example, Framed is located in Culver City, and we have customers who come to us from as far as The Valley and West Hills, and from Malibu and Venice. Our customers come to us from all over Los Angeles due to our unique framing capabilities, affordable prices, and museum-quality frames for artwork. 

The Best Frame Stores Near Me Hold a Certain Celebrity Status

Framed is honored to have provided custom frames for clients ranging from the hit HGTV show ‘Property Brothers’, to Sony Studios, and we have even done all the framing for artwork displayed at Google Headquarters. You may think that our framing services are expensive given our list of clientele (several independent celebrities are included on our client list). However, we offer everyone the same high-quality frames at affordable prices. Whether you are Brad Pitt, or that friendly guy who works at your local grocery store, we offer the same affordable prices on our custom frames so that anyone in Los Angeles can experience the joy of high-quality frames for their special pieces. The biggest names in Hollywood come to Framed for the high-quality, and everyone else loves Framed for that, and our low prices.

Contact Framed for the Best Frame Store Near Me

Just one visit to Framed and you will never look for another frame store again. When people do an online search for the best frame store near me, and they discover and visit Framed, they are delighted with the quality and service, and never look for another frame store again. We are dedicated to being your partner for life, helping you get the best frames for your art, photos, posters and memorabilia. Call to schedule a free consultation, or walk in and allow us the honor of helping you breathe new life into your art with the best frames.