Aaron Brothers is a name that has been at the pinnacle of ready-made poster frames in Culver City and all over Los Angeles for decades. However, Aaron Brothers no longer exists; Michaels bought out the brand and shut down all 94 stores in 2018, without most people (even their loyal customers) not taking much notice. Now, when people are searching for Aaron Brothers frames and poster frames in Culver City and Los Angeles, they are discovering that the frame quality presented by Michaels is poor in quality, so Framed took that popular model and ran with it. 

Framed and Aaron Brothers in Culver City

Before we delve into tips for buying poster frames, let’s first look at Framed and its reputation as “the Aaron Brothers of Culver City”. Mind you, Framed is not a carbon copy of Aaron Brothers; we simply offer the same type of frame products their customer base loved, but we even went as far as to improve on that model, offering people something much more easier with added value and higher-quality poster frames and art frames.

Although Aaron Brothers stores don’t exist anymore, the popular Aaron Brothers business model of ready-made frames lives strong at Framed in Culver City. When Michaels brought out Aaron Brothers, we saw a real gap in the custom art and poster frame industry; people no longer had a place to go to if they wanted a ready-made poster frame, so Framed took that popular business model, and made it even better. Here are some facts to consider when comparing Aaron Brothers to Framed:

  • Quality – Poster frames at Framed are better quality than Aaron Brothers ever was; we offer ready-made poster frames reflecting various sizes and materials, allowing people to walk in and out with exactly what they were looking for at an affordable price without sacrificing on quality. 
  • Expertise – Remember how Aaron Brothers had a staff member who would always help customers choose the right frame? These were employees who came with no artistic background, and who went through a day of training. Framed staff members are actual artists, and interior designers with advanced skills enabling them to help customers choose the best frames that will not only compliment their poster or artwork, but that will help it pop in the room where it is to be displayed. 
  • Cost – Framed offers ready-made poster frames as an option for those who want a polished presentation when framing their posters, but at a price that’s significantly cheaper than the cost of a custom frame. While custom frames at Framed are still the best-priced custom frames in Los Angeles County, we wanted to offer another level of service and product to those who want an Aaron Brothers option, but who also want a good quality frame that will last. 

Now that you have a better understanding as to Frame’s dedication to offering customers the type of service they were accustomed to at Aaron Brothers, now let’s consider some savvy shopping tips to finding the best 

When is the Aaron Brothers’ Frame Style Appropriate, and When Isn’t It?

Aaron Brothers was popular because it provided a solution to people who were in need of fast, basic framing services for your everyday poster. For example, if a guy is decorating his office, finds a great poster of his favorite sports team, and wants to get it framed to compliment the autographed baseballs on his desk, then a ready-made poster framed similar to the types that Aaron Brothers once offered would be a great buy. If your 13 year-old son wants to frame his bedroom posters simply to add a little layer of sophistication, then the Aaron Brothers style of ready-made poster frames at Framed would be perfect. 

However, if you have a rare poster, or something of value, you should invest in a custom poster frame that will better protect the piece and also help it stand out. Whether you have a first-edition Star Wars poster from 1978, an original Woodstock poster from 1969, or a poster depicting a rare piece of advertising from the Art Deco period, then a plain black ready-made poster frame will not do the piece justice. In cases like this, you will be better off having an expert at Framed help you select a custom frame at an affordable price that will help your rare porter truly stand out. 

Should I really Pay More for Other Glass Options for Poster Frames?

If you are framing a standard poster that’s not valuable, then the standard glass will suffice. However, if you are framing a valuable poster, you will definitely want to select a glass that will protect your piece from UV rays. Sunlight can cause posters to fade or develop a yellowish tint. Even if the sunlight isn’t directly hitting the poster through the window, basic exposure to the sun will eventually cause the integrity of the image to fade. This is why getting UV reflective glass for your framed poster is recommended. You can also choose museum-quality glass that protects your poster from the sun and that has an anti-glare so that people from any angle in your home can enjoy viewing the poster, regardless of the angle. 

Finally, if you have a large poster of value, you should consider an acrylic alternative to glass because it is significantly lighter, and you can get this acrylic glass substitute with the UV ray prodding to protect your piece from the sun’s rays. 

Call Framed for the Best Aaron Brothers Frames and Poster Frames Culver City Offers

Aaron Brothers may no longer exist, but thanks to Framed, it’s fast, easy-access business model to ready-made poster frames lives on. Whether you want a fast framing option for your new poster, or you want a poster frame that’s custom and that adds an additional layer of attraction for a poster that has some value to it, we can help you get the most value for your dollar, regardless of the direction you take with frames. 

Call today to book a free consultation, or come on in with your poster and let our staff help you create a look that you will love.