While every person has their own unique taste in art and frame styles, all people share two very basic needs when it comes to framing their artwork or photos: they want value for their money, and they want the frame to work well with the piece and look great on the wall. 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can save money by buying ready-made art frames from big box chain stores, or from massive online retailers. Sure, the up-front cost will be cheaper than going the custom route, but does this mean you get true value for your money? The short answer is, no. This article will reveal why customers who shop at a local custom frame store get better value for their money than buying pre-made art frames at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or other massive retailers. 

Custom Frame Stores Offer True Durability that Cheap Pre-Made Frames Don’t

No matter how low in cost a product is, if it doesn’t measure up to your expectations, it’s a waste of money. Pre-made frames from big retail stores are made from poor-quality wood fragments and press board that gets processed into a material that becomes the frame. These frames can be easily scratched, dented, and when they fall from only a distance of a few feet (say from the height one would hang a photo on the wall), they almost always break. When this happens you have to go out and buy another. According to an episode of ‘Trading Spaces’ host and interior designer Ty Pennington said that one area of a living space that you shouldn’t cut corners on in the quality department is art frames and picture frames. Now only do they enhance the image you are hanging, Pennington says they add detail and energy to any room. 

When you visit customer frame stores like Framed on Venice Blvd, you will discover a wide range of high-quality art frames, in a number of styles and colors, that are extremely well-made and will last the test of time in which things get banged around, drop, or nudged due to everything from kids playing in the house to an earthquake. Save time (no need to go to the store to buy art frames every time one gets dinged or cracked) and money overall by investing in something that will remain in excellent condition for decades to come.

Custom Frame Stores Give You Museum Quality that Strip Mall Shops Can’t Deliver

Do you want your artwork to look like it was framed for a first-grade show-and-tell event, or do you want a stunning feature wall in your home displaying art possessing a look worthy of the walls at the Getty? When people go to museums, they always notice the frame, and the frames always compliment the painting whether it is an original frame from the Renaissance selected by Caravaggio himself to compliment his painting, or a custom art frame selected by museum staff to properly display a specific piece. Think about it. What option will look better: that cool enlarged photo of your ancestor from the Victorian era in a plain black frame that looks as cheap as a cup of gas station coffee, or a unique, smoky wood frame with carved scrolls , fancy, intricate movement, and elements hinting at the Gothic Revival: a beautifully displayed photo that could be proudly displayed at any museum or gallery?

Custom frame stores also give customers the option to have museum-grade glass. This is a special kind of glass used by museums to protect art and photos from UV light, which can cause artwork and photos to fade, and there is also the option to get anti-glare glass so that the art can be seen and enjoyed from any angle in your room, regardless of lighting. 



Enhance Your Room’s Design Style by Shopping at Custom Frame Stores

Your home likely has a primary interior design style. Whether you are into modern minimalism, the bohemian look, or gothic antiques, you are likely looking for ways to enhance the design style of your rooms without overdoing it. Art frames from custom frame stores give people the option to do this in a way that’s not over-stated, and in a manner that won’t break the bank. Why spend several thousand on installing molding in all of your rooms when you can buy a few custom art frames that capture that look? Pre-made frames don’t give savvy people this option; they all look alike, are bland, and flimsy. When you shop at custom frame stores, be sure to share photos of your room where you plan to hang your art, and ask the staff to help you choose some frame options that will make your room look amazing while enhancing your art. 

Discover Why Framed in Culver City is Regarded as the Best of All Frame Stores Serving Los Angeles County

Framed provides affordable, high-quality custom frames to celebrity clients, TV networks like HGTV, studios, corporations, and households all over LA. There is a reason why return-customers come to us from all over the city: we provide a level of customer service, with the true boutique experience, staffed by actual artists who have the training to help you find the perfect frame for your art, photo, poster, or memorabilia.  Call to book an appointment, or stop in and let us help you create something special while offering the best value for your dollar in all of LA.