Custom Framing in Century City

Custom framing is a complicated art that requires a trained expert with keen insight into how to pair the right frame with artwork, posters, photographs, memorabilia, and any specific item that one wants framed and displayed in their home or place of work. When it comes to the best custom framing in Century City for those who appreciate exceptional quality, Framed is the top framing store with a customer-focused process and experience unlike any other frame shop. 

Why Framed is the Best Custom Framing Store in Century City

It’s simple; Framed is the best custom framing store serving the residents of Century City thanks to our wide variety of framing options, and spot-on customer service within a boutique setting. Our process begins with a friendly consultation with one of our in-house framing artists and design consultants. This is where we get a strong sense of your artwork, your vision for having it framed, and outline your artistic goals. Our experts will lay out a variety of artistic considerations, lead with our recommendation, but ultimately help to create the perfect framed presentation for your piece, based on your needs, the aesthetics of the room in which the art will be displayed, and any other important factor that matters to you. 

Once you have made your decision, our craftsmen meet with the design consultant that assisted you to collect the needed information, and then he gets to work building your frame. Once completed, the craftsman will join our design consultant and get your piece framed. Finally, a second design specialist performs a quality control check to ensure the presentation is professional and flawless. 

This, and our hands-on customer service, attest to the fact that Framed is the best custom framing store Century City has to offer, and attests to why residents and businesses in Century City come to us for their art framing needs.

Framed is the Best Custom Framing Store Century City has to Offer Because We Have the Widest Variety of High-Quality Art Frames

One of the biggest challenges customers face when searching for custom framing stores is to find a shop that will give them a wide selection to choose from. At Framed we believe there is one single frame that’s perfect for your artwork and needs, and this means we need to have a wide variety of art frames to ensure every customer can find the perfect frame. 

Residents and businesses in Century City come to Framed to explore our wide variety of frame types, which include the following:


  • Contemporary art frames
  • Mid-century modern frames
  • Industrial frames
  • Shabby chic frames
  • Wood frames
  • Antique frames
  • Gold frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Colored frames
  • Modern art frames

Our selection of art frames branches out from the primary types listed above. When it comes to wood art frames, we have a variety of options ranging from the type of wood to the movement in the wood grain. From sleek teak to wavy oak, Framed has wood frames reflecting a variety of options. Looking for colorful art frames? He have multiple shades of a single color to ensure you get the right look. Whether you want to frame some pieces for a colorful nursery, or to simply add a pop of color in your living room, we have a wide inventory to ensure you find the best frame possible for your artwork. If you have an old painting or a Victorian era photo of family, our antique frames could present the ideal option. When you bring your art to Framed, you will absolutely find what you are looking for.

We Offer the Best Custom Framing in Century City, and Our Reputation Proves It

Not only has Framed provided the best custom framing in Century City while standing out as the top destination for local homeowners and businesses, we have also been regularly working with some of the top names in the art industry. From HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ to Sony Film Studios, and from Google to celebrity clients, big names trust the quality that goes into every framing project at Framed, and the customer service experience we offer is legendary. Whether you are someone in the spotlight that wants a private experience, or you reflect the majority of our customers who are not in the spotlight but want the star treatment, you will get a luxurious look at an affordable price. 

You Deserve the Best Custom Framing Century City Offers, Visit Framed Today!

Whether you want to walk in and get assistance on the spot, or schedule a consultation with our framing experts, you deserve to see for yourself what makes Framed so special and the best custom framing Century City offers to our valued residents. Located on Venice Blvd, we are easy to get to, and the value you will get is next to none. At Framed we believe that frames are an investment–something you are going to keep in your home for a long time, and something you will likely pass down to family where the piece will be cherished and loved through the generations. The right frame also increases the retail value of a piece, whether it is a painting, historic document, poster, or an artifact. This is why quality, expertise and experience in framing is critical. Framed has the most established voices and creative minds in the industry, providing the best custom framing Century City offers, with decades of experience. From massive heavy wall installations to complex-shaped multi-pieced projects, and from museum-quality artifacts to cherished artwork that has been in families for generations, we have literally framed any project type you can imagine. We have customers from all walks of life, and cherish the experience in working with every last one of them. Call Framed today, and learn more about why we offer the best custom framing services in Century City, and all of Los Angeles County.