Colorful Picture Frames for Artwork, Photography and Creative Projects

Choosing the perfect frame color is critical to creating the best possible look. Traditionally, when people think about frame shades and tones, they tend to visualize standard wood colors like natural maple, black maple, natural walnut, weathered gray cedar, and so on. However, when buying colorful picture frames for artwork and photography from a boutique shop in Venice, selecting a high-quality art frame that represents one of the many colors of the rainbow, even down to a specific shade, can enhance the subject matter you are framing, creating instant energy in a room, and extend the artwork itself out into the living space.

Understanding Colorful Picture Frames Options

When it comes to choosing one of many colorful picture frames, your options are not limited to deciding whether or not you want red, blue, orange or green. Every major color has a number of shades, and when you visit high-end frame stores in Venice Beach and the surrounding area, in-house exerts will help you choose the right colorful picture frames for your artwork with a focus on the frame’s shade and mat color. Colored picture frame shades to consider include the following:

Red picture frames – There are multiple options when it comes to red picture frames. Various shades include; Ferrari red, crimson, brick, cherry red, burgundy, raspberry, maroon, scarlet, candy red, mahogany, apple and many more.

Orange picture frames – One of the most popular shades in this family, and a popular option, is the burnt orange picture frame. Other shades include tangerine, fire orange, rust, ginger, carrot, cantaloupe, apricot, amber, honey, bronze and others.

Yellow picture frames – Yellow picture frames offer a great way to brighten a room and enhance the natural light pouring in. When choosing yellow picture frames for your artwork for photos, shade options include canary, mustard, marigold, butter, lemon yellow, butterscotch, Tuscan yellow, corn, gold, banana yellow and multiple other shade varieties.

Green picture frames – A green picture frame brings elements of the natural environment into a living space, hints of wealth, and embraces environmental philosophies. It is also a very soothing tranquil color and a green picture frame is a great option for those who wish to frame artwork that reflects an outdoor space. When looking for a green picture frame, there are many options for finding that right shade. These include emerald, key lime, alpine green, green apple, forest green, jade, kelly green, teal, hunter green, shamrock, moss, olive, sea green and a several others.

Blue picture frames – Selecting a blue picture frame is a great way to add calming and rejuvenating energy into a home or office. When determining the color of the blue picture frame to buy, there are several shades to consider. These include navy blue, midnight blue, sky blue, indigo, robin egg, spruce, denim, peacock blue, azure, cobalt, arctic blue, stone, cerulean, sapphire and others.

Purple picture frames – When choosing a purple picture frame, you are opting for a color synonymous with royalty, courage and victory. If you are framing a concern tour poster of the artist Prince, a purple picture frame could be an ideal choice. Shades of purple include violet, magenta, mauve, lilac, heather, plum, sangria, wine, grape, amethyst, eggplant, periwinkle, orchid and many more.

Pink picture frames – When people think of a pink picture frame they may imagine framing options for a girl’s room. However, pink has a number of shades that add an incredible visual layer that accompany most artistic styles and genres. When choosing a pink picture frame shades include rose, blush, flamingo, watermelon, magenta, hot pink, salmon, rosewood, coral, rouge, strawberry, bubblegum, ballet slipper, and more. Hot pink picture frames are popular options for 80s fans and pop art lovers. Let a custom frame shop help you find the best pink picture frame for your artwork.

When it comes to colorful picture frames, the options are endless. Call your local Venice Beach frame store and book a time to bring in your art so a trained professional can help you find the best colored picture frame for your piece.

Choosing the Right Mat and Frame Color

When you have determined that now is the time to frame one of your favorite pieces of art or photos, the mat color is one of the most critical choices you will need to make. For many, making this choice is rather daunting simply because there are so many color options. Of course custom frame stores are run by trained professionals who can help you make the right choice, but you should be aware of the various ways you can choose the right mat color for your artwork.

Choosing the right mat and frame color can come down to contrasting colors. In order to bring more attention to the art piece, selecting a contrasting mat color is ideal. For example, if you have a navy blue picture frame, a sky blue mat could work well. And for lighter frames or art work, choosing a darker mat is a great choice for making the entire presentation pop off your wall.

Choosing a mat color for framing also revolves around dominant colors in the painting, poster, or photo. Choosing a mat based on dominant colors will help draw out the dominant color in the piece. This is a tactic that enables the viewer’s eye to focus on the artwork and notice background elements and subtleties. If you have a dark piece, such as a stormy coastal night scene, you will want to choose a mat for framed art with an even darker shade, and vice versa with light subject matters. The accent mat, which is the thin inner edge mat, should reflect one of the dominant color shades in the artwork as accurately as possible, but not reflect the most dominant one overall. When you visit the best frame store Venice Beach has to offer, an experienced custom art framer will help you choose the right mat and frame color for your artwork leaving you with a luxurious, professional-looking piece that will be the highlight of your room.

How to Choose a Frame for Busy Colorful Art Prints

Choosing a frame for busy colorful art prints can be one of the most challenging decisions a person can make, as there are many things to consider. Before addressing the color of the art frame, let’s first talk about style. The picture frame style, color aside, should reflect the artwork’s style. For example, a period painting would look its best in a traditional frame with carved detail reflecting a classical style. To remain traditional you can use wood tones or gold picture frames. However, if you are creating an original art space and want to step outside of the box, you can opt for a detailed frame in a bold color to make it more funky.

If you have a busy piece of art with multiple lighter shades, a less-fussy minimalist art frame would help create a great balance. Color is important, but never forget that art frames have specific profiles that can play a large role in how people will ultimately view the piece.

Call Framed today and let our experts help you create a custom look or your special work. The consultation is free, and we will help you explore every possible shade of the color wheel until we find the absolute best option for enhancing your art.