Your Local Frame Store Designing the Best Custom Frames Playa Vista has to Offer

Finding the right frame for your painting, poster, photo, or any type of art can be extremely challenging and one should never buy hastily. Author Chuck Palahniuk once wrote, “It’s funny how the beauty of art has so much more to do with the frame than the artwork itself”. Clearly, frames are, in of themselves, works of art, and when you buy some cheap mass-produced frame from a big box store, or you fail to consider how the frame’s style works with the elements of your artwork, you can easily be guilty of not honoring your work of art. When searching for the best custom frames Playa Vista has to offer for artwork, Framed is known as the best boutique art frame shop, owned by artists, that offers multiple styles and an expert’s assistance in pairing your piece with the best possible frame. 

Framed has over a decade of experience in pairing frame options with the pieces customers bring in. Our work has been featured on the HGTV show ‘Property Brothers’, and customers range from Sony Studios to our amazing community members in Playa Vista. Give us a call for a free consultation; we take full COVID precautions and offer a clean, safe environment for our customers. 

Why Choose Framed for the Best Art Frames Playa Vista has on the Map?

Framed has been serving residents and businesses in Playa Vista for over a decade, pairing the right custom art frames with a wide variety of paintings, posters, prints, maps, photos, and a number of other display items. 

Framed is well ingrained in Playa Vista, and we take great pride in honoring this westside area of Los Angeles by adding that “x factor” to every work of art with high-quality custom art frames. Located east of Venice Beach and north of Westchester, Playa Vista is known for being an artistic neighborhood, and an affluent region with a strong history in innovation. Playa Vista was headquarters of Hughes Aircraft Company from 1941 to 1985 where the famous “Spruce Goose” aircraft was built. In 2002 Playa Vista underwent a massive transformation becoming a planned community with residential, retail and commercial fixtures. Today, Playa Vista is home to many residents who work in entertainment, tech and media industries. Along with other communities such as Santa Monica, El Segundo, Venice, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Mar Vista, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista is known as a part of “Silicon Beach”–a community Framed has been serving with custom art frames for businesses, office buildings, executive’s homes, and the typical resident in this vibrant community. If you reside in Playa Vista, call Framed for a free consultation; bring your art in, and relax while our trained experts present you with a number of frame and matting options. 

Framed has Solutions for Challenges in Finding the Best Art Frames Playa Vista Offers

Playa Vista offers residents multiple choices in finding frames for artwork, but people face a number of challenges when it comes to finding the right frame color, style, size, and a well-made product with custom options available. There are a number of reasons why Framed offers the best art frames Playa Vista has. First of all, other boutique art frame stores lack the connections, product materials, and variety that Frames has, nor do they employ artists who actually know how to frame artwork in a manner where the entire presentation is in itself art; these other frame shops simply hire sales people and give them basic training. Framed is the best Playa Vistaframe store because we have top-rated customer service, are known throughout Los Angeles County as the experts in art frames, and we offer a wide selection of art frames to accommodate every customer that includes the following:

  • Gold leaf frames
  • Modern picture frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Multiple styles of antique frames
  • Stained wood frames for art
  • Rustic art frames
  • Contemporary art frames
  • Mid-century modern picture frames
  • Colored art frames (every color of the rainbow, and a variety of shades)

Whether you have a mid-century poster worth thousands of dollars and you want a frame style from the period, an antique frame to honor a painted portrait of an ancestor, frames for a child’s bedroom, or unique frames to display art at your office or company headquarters, Framed has several options for you to consider that are the perfect fit. 

Call Framed Today for the Best Custom Frames Playa Vista has to Offer

Framed has the best custom frames Playa Vista has to offer, so call today and schedule a consultation. When you come in be sure to bring photos on your phone of the space where you intend to display the piece, bring the artwork in, and our expert will ask you some questions to learn more about the piece and your style. Then we will reveal a number of options, and help you choose a stunning custom frame that will give your piece a museum-quality look. We also offer a wide selection of glass types, including UV glass to protect art from the sun’s rays, acrylic options, and several mounting, matting, and hanging options. We are here to serve all customers in Playa Vista, so call today!