Framed: The Best Art Frame Store El Segundo Offers

El Segundo is a unique seaside community in Los Angeles County known for having some very eclectic, artistic residents. It is only natural that people in this community want high-quality art frames, at an affordable price, as opposed to cheap, ready-made frames at big box stores made from cheap materials. Though we are located about 10 miles away, Framed is considered to be the best frame store in El Segundo CA that local residents are happy to travel to, because we offer a level of service unlike anything you will experience when it comes to framing your art, posters, photos, and memorabilia. 

Why El Segundo Residents Come to Framed for Art Frames

Virtually every El Segundo frame store offers ready-made frames and they market these for “people in a hurry”. What’s the rush? Your frame will become an extension of your piece that you want to frame, and if anything is worth framing, then shouldn’t the frame be carefully designed to highlight the parts of your artwork that you love the most, and shouldn’t the art frame’s style be appropriate to the piece while fitting perfectly into your room;s decor where you intend to display it. Ready made frames can’t do this; they were mass produced for a bland audience. The best frame store El Segundo offers will be staffed by true artists who will listen to your needs, understand your style, examine the artwork, and present you with the best custom framing options to really turn your art into a statement piece. 

Your Frame Store Serving El Segundo that Suits Your Style

Another reason why people treat Framed as the best frame store El Segundo has to offer is that we have the widest selection of high-quality art frame styles to serve all tastes and aesthetic styles. Some of our more popular art frames include the following:

  • Art Deco frames
  • Modern art frames
  • Antique art frames
  • Mid century modern art frames
  • Colorful picture frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Wood art frames
  • Shabby chic frames
  • Gothic frames
  • Contemporary art frames

For example, if you have a painted portrait of a relative from the 18th or 19th century, we have a number of period-piece style frames that look like they have some real age to them, but are custom-made, high-quality art frames, recently designed, to accommodate such art work. Looking for colorful picture frames for your 80’s themed room, or a beautiful, sleek wood frame with clean likes to fit into your modern living room? We have many options that will work well for your living space, and for your framed piece, and as a result, our wide selection of frames attracts El Segundo businesses and residents on a regular basis who are seeking a professional, custom frame. 

Framed is Dedicated to Serving El Segundo With the Best Art Frames 

El Segundo is a very special community. Located in Los Angeles County, El Segundo is part of the South Bay Cities Council Governments with a population shy of 17,000 residents. Some of its biggest employers include Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, Chevron, Mattel, and the Aerospace Corporation. This means El Segundo is home to a mix of families, artists, engineers, executives, workers, and as a result a rich tapestry of various people all help to make El Segundo an amazing place to live and work. Framed is honored to meet so many different personality types and people with various artistic tastes seeking high-quality art frames, and when people from El Segundo book consultations with us for a framing project, we never know what will come through the door, making it very exciting for our team to work with El Segundo customers. Whether you own a sprawling home off Vista Del Mar overlooking the sea, and you want to frame some pieces for every room in the house, you want to decorate your office off El Segundo Blvd. with beautiful framed art, if you want to frame some special family pieces in your apartment on E. Grand Avenue near El Segundo Parks & Recreation, stop in at Framed and let us breathe new life into your special pieces. 

Why Choose Framed for Art Frames in El Segundo CA?

There are many reasons why El Segundo residents should buy frames from Framed rather than buying ready-made frames from some chain store. We provide specific needs to common problems people have when looking for frames. Many people want that boutique, gallery look, but they don’t want to break the bank. At Framed we believe high-quality frames should be affordable, so we offer amazing custom frames for El Segundo homes and businesses that have that high end look, without the high end price tag. 

We also consult with our customers; we study photos of the room where they plan to hang the art, we examine the artwork, photo, or poster and pay attention to every fine detail before we select a few frames that would be perfect for the piece, and we work with you to help you make the right decision based on your needs. The frame itself is an extension of your art, so it must be carefully chosen, and we have in-house experts on hand to help you navigate this process and walk away with something you will love, that will last for several generations to come.

El Segundo Residents, Visit Framed Today for the Best Frames in the City

Are you looking for high-quality frames that have that museum quality, but that are affordably priced for all to enjoy? We hope you will visit us and let one of our knowledgeable  staff members help you select a few beautiful frame options for your art, and then help you finalize your decision. If you want lightweight acrylic glass for heavier pieces, we can easily accommodate you. We also offer acid-free backings and mats to protect delicate pieces, and UV museum quality glass to protect your piece from the sun’s rays, and that has an anti-glare feature so that you can enjoy your art from any angle in the room. Call today, or stop in, and let us help you display your art, photo or poster in a highly professional manner that will turn heads, and add an extra layer of class and sophistication to your home or office.