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Fine art framing is a critical aspect of presenting and preserving various types of art that contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal and longevity of the piece. When framing fine art, the frame store you work with will specialize in this niche of custom framing, and will carry out a process that involves carefully selecting materials, design elements, and techniques to enhance the artwork while ensuring that it is protected from a number of factors.

People seek fine art framing for its ability to provide the best solution to a number of needs. First of all, it provides a physical boundary that provides separation from the artwork and its surroundings, while simultaneously embracing subtle unity with other elements of the room and components of the artwork. It also directs the viewer’s focus solely on the artwork.

This containment establishes a visual context, granting the artwork with the ability to exist as a distinct entity within a given space. In addition, fine art framing serves as a protective function by shielding the artwork from damage caused by exposure to sunlight, humidity, dust, and physical contact, such as acids found in human fingertips that can cause localized polishing of the art surface, spoiling the finish created by the artist.

Fine art framing also helps to preserve the structural integrity of the artwork over time, preventing deterioration and warping. 

How is Fine Art Framing Different From Traditional Art Framing?

The difference between fine art framing and standard art framing is a distinction that lies in the level of craftsmanship, quality of materials, and attention to detail. Framed in Culver City offers a level of fine art framing that is highly specialized, and we embrace a meticulous approach ensuring the longevity of the artwork within flawless and elevated presentation.

We frame both fine art, and standard art, so when valuable artwork is brought in, we usually use archival materials in the framing process. These are acid-free and designed to resist deterioration, preventing discoloration or damage to the artwork over time. These materials are critical for preserving the value and integrity of the delicate artwork, such as watercolors, oil paintings, vintage photographs or posters, and antique documents.

What is the Definition of Fine Art, and Must It Require Specialty Framing Services?

Fine art only requires specialty framing services if the owner of the piece wishes to protect it, preserve it, and display the work in a luxurious manner. That said, understanding if a piece of artwork is indeed classified as fine art will help you make a decision when it comes to investing in fine art framing, or traditional framing. However, on the flip side, if you have a piece that has little to no monetary value but that holds a great degree of sentimental value, fine art framing can also be an appropriate option.

Fine art is classified under seven disciplines that include painting (drawing and sketching included), sculpture, architecture, poetry, music, literature and dance. When it comes to fine art framing, paintings, drawings, photographs, relics, and sculptures will apply. For example, a sculpture may be framed in a display box made on UV protective, lightweight acrylic materials that protect it, while giving viewers an unobscured view of the artwork. Relics may be framed in a protective box to hang on the wall.

Fine art frames are typically made from hand-carved wood types reflecting the highest quality, and many may be gilded in gold leaf or silver to enhance the overall luxurious aesthetics of the artwork.

What are Some Expected Materials to Choose from in Fine Art Framing?

Fine art framing materials consist of the glass, the frame itself, and backing materials. When it comes to fine art framing, one key aspect is the glass. Really, customers can choose between glass or acrylic. Both can be treated to protect fine art, but acrylic is lighter and is therefore usually better for heavier pieces. Regardless of the material youselect, both will use UV-filtering glazing to protect pieces that can be vulnerable to sunlight. This type of glass or acrylic minimizes the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading and discoloration in pigments over time. Standard framing typically uses regular glass, which lacks the protective feature and can result in gradual deterioration of the artwork’s vibrancy. However, at Framed, we give every customer, regardless of their artwork’s value, the opportunity to use protective glass or acrylic, because even if a piece is not classified as “fine art”, they may still want to invest in additional measures to protect its longevity. 

The frame itself is clearly the main accouterment of fine art framing materials. Traditionally, fine art framing calls for art frames made from these types of materials:

  • Wood Fine Art Frames – These frames can be made from dense hardwoods such as walnut, oak, ash, and cherry. Wood fine art frames can also be carved from soft woods such as redwood, cedar and pine. 
  • Silver Fine Art Frames – Many silver fine art frames have a wood base that has been treated in silver. Silver fine art frames are ideal for enhancing certain colors and for complimenting a room’s overall aesthetics.
  • Gold Fine Art Frames – Much like the silver type, gold art frames usually have a wood base but are treated with gold leaf to give the artwork an elevated luxurious presentation. Gold fine art frames are especially popular for traditional art or academic artworks. 
  • Bronze Fine Art Frames – Bronze fine art frames are usually made from a wood base and coated in bronze, but may also be pure, solid bronze. Bronze fine art frames can have an antique finish, or come in a more modern, shiny or matte finish. 
  • Plastic Fine Art Frames – Though not the most popular type of fine art frame, some plastics are classified in the fine art category. Plastic fine art frames can be ideal for certain artistic genres such as pop art, or for 80s artwork. Some plastics are customized to the customer’s specifications using 3D printing, and some plastic types, such as polystyrene, can be tooled by hand to display artistic details on a medium not commonly associated with luxury. 

When it comes to mounting and backing materials used in fine art framing, Framed will generally use acid-free mat boards, acid-free foam boards, or  acid-free hard boards. Easel backs that are acid-free may also be used, or even wood that’s been treated to safely display and protect fine art is appropriate for preserving the piece.

The Best Fine Art Framing Near Me in Culver City and Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is a high-demand area for customers looking specifically for fine art framing, and with Culver City being home to a number of movie studios, tech centers, and home to upscale neighborhood occupied by people with fine art collections, Framed is identified as the local fine art frame store that offers a unique experience in framing fine art. 

Many of our customers begin their journey in finding the best frames for their art by searching for the best fine art framing near me, and whether they live in Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, or Calabasas, Framed will offer the best solutions to their highly detailed needs when it comes to fine art framing.

When it comes to finding the best fine art framing stores in Culver City serving all of Los Angeles County, the competition is fierce, but what makes Framed truly the best is that we offer the highest level of service in the following components of fine art framing near me in Culver City and all of LA:


  • Customer Service – Framed is known all over Los Angeles County for offering the best customer service and client experience in the local world of fine art framing. We offer the true boutique experience run by artists and highly trained professionals who make sure customers get exactly what they are looking for, as we take their wishes into account while simultaneously offering our professional advice. 
  • Delivery Service – Part of what defines Framed as the best fine art framing store in Culver City is that we deliver frames artwork to any location within Los Angeles County. Whether you have awkwardly sized or large sized pieces that won’t fit in your vehicle, or heavy pieces that are difficult to transport and hang, we will take care of this for you with flexible delivery appointments. 
  • High Quality Fine Art Frames – Frames is known for offering the highest quality in fine art framing, with hundreds of frames to choose from. Our fine art frames will complement any art style, and blend beautifully into any room’s style. Our frames are truly unique, and not mass produced like the frames other frame stores carry. 
  • Best Reputation for Fine Art Framing – Framed has a portfolio of work from high end customers that is second to none–a big part of why we have the best reputation across Los Angeles. Framed has created fine art framing projects for celebrity clients, TV shows such as ‘Property Brothers’ on HGTV, Sony Studios, Google headquarters, and fine art collectors across LA from Beverly Hills to Culver City, and from West Hollywood to Calabasas. 

Come learn why people from all over LA drive to Framed to get the best fine art frames for their pieces, and forge a life-long relationship with your partner in custom framing.

What Are The Main Challenges People Have in Fine Art Framing Services?

Not all fine art framing services are alike. In fact, customers seeking fine art services in Culver City encounter a myriad of challenges that range from framing options to quality, and much more.

Framed knows the market and industry extremely well, and after more than a decade of being in business, we have identified the primary challenges and obstacles fine art framing customers deal with, and have modeled our business in a way to meet those challenges head on, while providing the best solutions and level of service. Some of these industry challenges, and the solutions we provide, include the following:

  • Preserving Artwork – Unfortunately, not all frame stores understand the science of framing fine art; they simply provide the frames, and talk the good talk when it comes to preservation. These businesses lack the education and training when it comes to material selection for preserving art, and as a result, the wrong products are used and artwork is framed without preservation steps being taken. Framed carries the correct products for the preservation of fine art, and we are local experts when it comes to the preservation and presentation of fine art framing in Culver City.
  • Quality Fine Art Frames – Finding high-quality fine art frames can be a challenge. Many frame stores, especially chains and framing departments in big box stores, will buy mass-produced frames and give them a “cheap” surface treatment to project the appearance of high quality. At Framed, all of our fine art frames are of the highest quality, they are unique, and will last for multiple lifetimes.
  • Customer Service – Most frame stores are staffed by sales professionals who don’t have the advanced training and expertise in framing, nor are they artists who “have the eye” for framing fine art. This means customers at these frame stores are left on their own to choose a frame and matting without the expert guidance of a professional who can help them create museum-grade presentations.
  • Competitive Pricing – It goes without saying that fine art frames will come with a higher sticker price than a standard picture frame. But this doesn’t mean that customers have to overpay. Framed is known for making affordable luxury an option. In fact, fine art frames made with the same high quality materials can be more than double the price at competing fine art frame stores in Culver City. We have a number of relationships we have built with suppliers over the past decade, and as a result we are able to pass the savings down to our customers on all high-quality fine art frames, of all types and sizes.

When you bring your fine art pieces to Framed, be sure to take photos of the room in which your piece will be displayed, and prepare a list of the things you enjoy the most about the artwork, whether it be the subject matter, a certain color, the movement, or anything else that drew you to it.

This is important because our fine art framing experts will help you select a frame that not only compliments the artwork as a whole and that blends beautifully into your room, but we can also choose one to emphasize certain details, colors and themes present in the artwork.

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