The Best Frame Store Culver City has to Offer

When it comes to finding the best picture frame stores in Culver City that specialize in custom presentation solutions for artwork, posters, photographs, artifacts, and other items, it is critical to find a frame store run by specialists who have an artist’s eye, and that carry a wide range of high-quality art frames that reflect all styles. 

Culver City is a stone’s throw from Venice Beach and shares a number of similarities with its neighboring community. Known for its art scene, movie studios, boutique shops, and historical importance within the golden age of Hollywood, Culver City residents and businesses are used to the white-glove service offered at boutique art frame stores, and should settle for nothing less. Why people visit Framed for the best frame store Culver City has to offer, as the staff have artistic training to help customers select the right frame for their artwork, and one that will compliment the living space where it will be displayed. 

In order to understand the value Framed offers the residents of Culver City, it is important to understand the area’s local history. 

Culver City has a shady past, but has evolved to overcome its ghosts. Originally founded as a “whites-only” city in 1917, people of color were forced to leave its borders and return to the greater part of Los Angeles before the sun went down. However, during the 1980s, Culver City saw an amazing surge of diversity, widely in part to the demand for studio and city jobs. 

When people think of Culver City they almost always think of film and television production, and is best known as the home to Metro-Goldwyn Mayer studios. Culver City is also home to Sony Studios, and Framed is their go-to choice when it comes to finding the best frame store Culver City has on the map. One of the ongoing projects Framed does for Sony Studios includes providing custom framing solutions for their black and white film posters, along with a number of other projects. Culver City is also home to the NFL Network studio, the historic Culver Hotel, Apple, and boasts art deco architecture on a number of buildings like the Arclight Theatre. Culver City residents and businesses rely on Framed to help customize their artwork and photos with high-quality frames that will meet any aesthetic taste. 

Picture Frame Stores in Culver City Begin with Framed

Not only is Framed known for being the best frame store Culver City offers due to their staff’s artistic abilities and customer service, Framed also boasts a wide range of frame styles and colors that will provide a custom solution to any type of art one might have. Some of our frame styles include:

  • Modern art frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Wood art frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Colorful picture frames for artwork 
  • Antique style frames
  • Metallic frames
  • Custom frames

Whether you are seeking art frames for pieces in a movie studio, business, hotel, or for your home or office, Framed is regarded as the “cool boutique frame store in Culver City” that offers the best art and picture framing solutions, with a creative eye, and an exceptional level of customer service next to none. 

What to Expect from Your First Visit to Framed, the Best Frame Store Culver City Offers

If you have artwork, photos, posters, or anything that you wish to enhance with a custom art frame, Framed is your best option for getting a truly unique, professional presentation of your special piece. When you visit Framed in Culver City, it would be helpful to take some photos of the room where you will be displaying your framed artwork. This way, our professionals will be able to make sure the frame not only compliments the art, but also fits nicely into the room’s décor and style. 

You should also think about the things you like best about your artwork. For example, wanting to pull out certain colors in the piece, emphasizing texture, enhancing the light in the artwork, or highlighting the shadows–these things can all be achieved by selecting the right mat and/or art frame. If your painting reflects a certain time period or themes, the right frame can also emphasize an era or a style. When you come to Framed, expect a lot of questions, we want to know what your personal goals are for creating a stunning look. We like to think of ourselves as your partner in the artistic process, and not just a shop that asks you to look at a selection of frames and choose the winner. 

Framed is, without a doubt, the best frame store Culver City has for locals to shop, as we form relationships with our clients and apply an expert eye into pairing the right frame with the right piece, based on aesthetics, the client’s wishes, and that which is currently popular in the world of design that will also provide for a timeless look. 

Call Framed in Culver City Today!

Call or come into Framed in Culver City today and tell us about your art, where it will be displayed and what your overall vision is. Once we have seen your art we will take all of the previously collected information into account and will present you with the best options in Culver City to create a beautifully framed artwork that offers a high-end look that will be the highlight of your room.