The Best Custom Frame Store Culver City has to Offer

Finding a custom frame for artwork, photos, posters, prints and memorabilia is by no means an easy task. Unfortunately, many people think they can go to big box department stores or malls and find a frame that works with their art. However, quality is everything, and the frame is heavily responsible for making the art stand out, improving the look and feel of a room, and protecting the art from damage. But ultimately, if you buy a cheap frame, your art will look cheap. This is why it is critical to find affordable, high quality art frames from the best custom frame store Culver City offers residents and people from across Los Angeles. 

Framed Offers the Best Fine Art Custom Framing in Culver City

When it comes to identifying the best custom frame store Culver City has to offer, you want to make sure the shop offers the following benefits:

  • A frame store staffed by trained artists and not just standard customer service personnel 
  • A wide variety of frame styles, colors, and materials
  • The ability to frame odd-shaped items or over-sized items
  • A selection of glass types and acrylics 
  • Expansive selection of mats and other materials
  • Free consultations with trained artists who can help you select the right frame based on your artwork and the room’s decor in which it will be displayed 
  • Exceptional customer service from a team that values your art and style

Our frame store in Culver City is known as that local boutique shop where industry experts value your artistic style, and we are as passionate about your art as you are. Many frame stores focus on low-price frames over quality, because they have a business model based on quickly moving product purchased in bulk. 

Framed takes an entirely different approach to providing homes and businesses in Culver City with art frames made from the finest materials that boast stunning details to compliment any style. Some of these include:

  • Modern art frames
  • Victorian frames
  • Antique frames
  • Gold frames
  • Colored frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Minimalist frames
  • Mid-century modern frames
  • Picture frames for children
  • Wood frames (various types)
  • Shadow boxes
  • Floating frames
  • Much more

Businesses and residents in Culver City are savvy and because the area is known for being an artistic one, Framed places an extra attention to detail on the frames we carry to meet the artistic needs of our valued clients who live and work in this special city.

Why Picture Frame Stores in Culver City Must Amp Up the Quality and Service You Deserve

Since the 1920s, Culver City has been a major hub for television and film production and was best known as the home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. Now, Sony Pictures Entertainment, the NFL Network, and National Public Radio have headquarters in Culver City. In fact, Framed has provided Sony Studios with multiple frames for their film posters. Culver City also has a very diverse population of residents and businesses owners representing a wide array of cultures and ethnicities, and as a frame store in Culver City, we make sure we have the right frames to accommodate the artistic diversity that adorns our special community. Whether you have a business on Ventura Boulevard that requires unique artwork frames in your lobby, your boutique hotel on Overland Avenue needs to upgrade the rooms with some unique art frames, or your home near Carlson Park has some rooms undergoing renovations that are in need of custom framed artwork, Framed has the experience in years of supporting a very specialized clientele, and our creativity and expertise extends to each valued customer that enters our frame store in Culver City. Simply put, people in our community have finer aesthetic tastes, and we are prepared to delight every client with the best art frame they could possibly envision for their special piece. 

Our Frames Protect Your Art and Beautify Your Home

We buy art for a number of reasons; artwork can be a great investment, it can inspire people and improve their mood, and it adds style to homes, while enhancing a property’s architectural style. For example, a number of homes in Culver City were built in the 1950s and have those mid-century modern lines and features that are highly popular. If you invest on mid-century modern artwork to enhance your home’s vibe, we have perfect frames reflecting that period that will enhance the style. Frames are also great ways to enhance certain elements to paintings and photographs. Whether it is the detailed scrolling effect in a wood frame, the color of a frame, or its lines, we have an expansive selection of frames to help you achieve the right look.

Art frames also protect your piece from a number of things. From children roughhousing in the home (flying objects like balls can destroy artwork), to harmful UV rays from the sun coming in and fading your photos, posters and paintings, our experts can install museum-quality glass to protect your valuable pieces, and use a robust, stylish frame with the right mount to withstand everything from children playing in the home, to earthquakes, and the simple act of banging into a framed painting. When you visit Framed on Ventura Boulevard, we will present a number of solutions, and each will protect your piece while adding style and complimenting your aesthetic tastes. 

Book a Free Consultation with Framed, the Best Frame Store Culver City Offers

You likely have a lot of questions regarding the free consultation we give our customers at our frame shop in Culver City. When you come in, we will ask you to bring the piece you want framed (if it is extremely large than a photo will suffice), bring pictures of the room in which it will be displayed, and our in-house team of artists will have a conversation with you in which we learn your style and tastes. We will also ask you what you like about the art; what features stand out the most or attracted you to the piece, and then we will present you with a number of frame and mat options. Once you have selected your frame, our artists will get to work right away, as we are known throughout Culver City for having a very quick turn-around time, even on unique custom pieces.

Give us a call today, and discover the difference in working with a cool, boutique frame store that is deeply knowledgeable in every artistic style, and that offers the best customer service experience you will likely ever encounter.