Welcome to Framed, the Best Frame Store Hermosa Beach has to Offer

One of the biggest challenges faced by Hermosa Beach residents who take pride in displaying artwork, photography, posters and collectables in their home and office is finding high-quality frames at competitive prices. Whether you just inherited that 150-year old drawing of your family tree, or you left an art show with two new pieces to add to your collection, you need frames that will make your artwork stand out. It’s time to find the best frame store Hermosa Beach has to offer that provides custom framing services performed by true professionals. 

When it comes to framing paintings, artwork, documents, posters,memorabilia, or any other type of piece worthy of displaying in the home or office, locating a high-quality frame store in Hermosa Beach is critical in order to give the piece a true professional look. 

Why Framed has the Reputation for Offering the Best Custom Art Frames in Hermosa Beach

Frame stores that offer custom framing services are rare these days, especially the frame stores run in a true boutique environment that give customers a level of professionalism and customer service unlike anything else. That said, Hermosa Beach residents make the short drive to Framed; they regard Framed as the best frame store accessible to their local community that offers the high-quality they seek at competitive pricing. Locals from this special beach community come to Framed on Venice Boulevard knowing full well that no other frame store in Hermosa Beach or anywhere in Los Angeles County will offer the same experience or the wide range of custom framing options. For more than 10 years, Framed has been providing Hermosa Beach residents and business owners with the best custom art frames, and we take great pride in continuing to be the number one choice in Hermosa Beach for the best frame store.

The Best Frame Store Hermosa Beach can Offer has a Wide Range in Frame Styles and Colors

Framed has a reputation throughout Hermosa Beach for offering the largest selection of frame styles and colors. Some of the popular frame types we offer include the following:

  • Modern frames
  • Mid-century modern frames
  • Contemporary frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Antique frames
  • Gothic frames
  • Victorian frames
  • Shabby chic frames
  • French country frames
  • Colored frames (every color and shade you could possibly want)
  • Silver frames
  • Wood frames
  • Poster frames
  • Rustic frames
  • Canvas frames
  • Jersey frames
  • Shadow box frames
  • Floating frames

You may know exactly what you are looking for, or you may have a general idea but need an expert’s eye to help guide you. No matter what the colors are in your art piece, the subject matter, or your personal style, Framed will have a wide variety of custom frames for you to choose from, and our experts will help you choose the best option to compliment your living space and the piece itself. 

Framed and Our Dedication to Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is an affluent seaside community, and its residents have high standards and fine tastes. This means we work very hard to make sure our custom art frames are exactly what the people of Hermosa Beach are looking for, and our roots go back for more than a decade into this amazing community.

Bordering Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south and east, this beach city competes with others and remains popular for surfing, beach volleyball, cycling, and its wide range of art galleries draws people from all over LA. In fact, Hermosa Beach has Fiesta Hermosa–an arts and crafts festival that takes place every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, and Framed has often provided custom art frames for many of the artists displaying their work at this incredible event. 

Whether you bought a painting from a local artist on the Hermosa Beach Pier at the end of Pier Avenue, or your son is graduating from Redondo Union High School and you want to frame his jersey as a keepsake, Framed is honored to be your go-to option for stunning, professionally framed work boasting the best custom frames at affordable prices. 

Framed has the Custom Art Frames in Hermosa Beach that Offer Elegance and Quality

When searching for the perfect art frame, its color, materials, design, and other considerations must be taken into account in order to obtain the best overall presentation for your piece. Let us not forget that the residents of Hermosa Beach are known for having the highest aesthetic standards, and this means homes and businesses are unknowingly competing with neighboring communities to have the most stunning interiors, and the right frames can tie the look together. Our frames are handmade and utilize the highest quality materials. In addition, we also offer the following features for those seeking an added layer of quality:

  • Acrylic – Glass in a framed piece of art can be very heavy, especially if the piece is large. For those who want to reduce a significant portion of weight from their piece, acrylic is ideal as it provides great protection but is also extremely lightweight. 
  • UV Glass – Do you have a valuable piece you are framing that you want to protect from fading? Framed offers UV glass and a UV acrylic option that blocks the sun’s harmful rays from fading your artwork.
  • Museum glass – If you plan to hang your piece in a room that gets lots of natural light, or if the lighting is ample enough to create glares, then consider museum glass, which is anti-glare and has no reflection. This will enable you and your guests to always view the piece, from any angle, at any time of the day, without an annoying glare. 
  • Specialty matting – Framed offers acid-free backings and mats to protect the integrity of your art while giving it a professional presentation. 
  • Large / custom sizes – Do you have a piece that takes up the size of your entire wall? Framed can provide a custom frame for pieces that are large, awkward in shape, and that are extremely heavy. We also custom mount such pieces, and we deliver and install your art–a special service that Hermosa Beach residents love and find very convenient. 

Call Framed to Book a Free Consultation Today

Framed is a stone’s throw away from Hermosa Beach; call to book a consultation, or stop on by with your artwork, as well as photos of the room in which you plan to display the art, and one of our experts will help you select the best custom frame that will fit perfectly into the room while highlighting all of the artwork’s features that are important to you. Framed offers a unique customer service experience, and our staff is made up of interior designers and artists capable of helping you find the best presentation for your art. We look forward to serving our Hermosa Beach customers, and we look forward to helping you find the best frame you could possibly imagine for your piece.