Framed on Venice: Picture Framing Stores Near Mar Vista

Choosing the right picture frame for your photographs, posters, art work, and memorabilia requires careful thought as you want to make sure the frame compliments the art and fits in with your room’s décor and style. Since Framed on Venice first opened its doors, our boutique art frame store has been serving the residents of Mar Vista with unique, high-end art and picture frames. When people seek picture framing stores near Mar Vista, Framed is the preferred choice for the following reasons:


  • Our staff are highly trained artists who know how to help customers pair the right frames with their show pieces
  • Framed carries almost every style, color, and framing materials offered in high-end art shops
  • We offer professional mounting types, museum glass and acrylic options
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Artsy, friendly boutique shop with reasonable prices
  • Free consultations with trained professionals
  • Short, five-minute drive from Mar Vista
  • Custom jobs of any size
  • Framed has been recognized for our work on HGTV


Are you ready to change up the energy and look of your room with some new picture frames? Do you have a piece of art requiring a special frame? Call for a free consultation or walk in and let our team help you complete your vision. 


How Framed Stands Out Amongst All Picture Framing Stores Near Mar Vista


Mar Vista is a unique neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles with residents and businesses that lean towards having an artistic edge. Mar Vista was the 70th community to be annexed to Los Angeles and it wasn’t until 2006 that it became an official Los Angeles neighborhood. With a young history Mar Vista residents are eager to define their space as a unique, eclectic pocket of LA, and Framed is proud to be the first choice amongst all picture framing stores near Mar Vista offering custom art framing services for any project big or small. Whether you want to frame a feature work of art for your place of business on South Centinela Avenue near Ocean View Farms, you want to frame several pieces for your UCLA fraternity house, or you want to enhance your Mar Vista home with stand-out picture frames that will add a whole new aesthetic layer to your art and room’s decor, Framed is standing by to help you complete your project with a professional eye and the best customer service in the city. 


Mar Vista Frame Stores with Variety

One of the biggest challenges people face when shopping Mar Vista frame stores is to find the right style frame, color, material, and hope that any special requests can be honored in the overall framing process. While many frame stores are limited by their suppliers and inventory, Framed is the best Mar Vista frame store because we have a large selection that spans multiple styles to meet every customer’s needs. Some of our frame styles include the following:


  • Modern picture frames
  • Art Deco frames
  • Stained Wood art frames
  • Gold leaf frames
  • Modern/Contemporary frames
  • Antique frame styles
  • Colorful picture frames (all the colors of the rainbow)
  • Mid-century modern picture frame styles
  • Rustic art frames


Whether you have a modern painting requiring a sleek art frame with clean lines, or a painting from the Victorian era requiring a wood frame with ornate patterns reflecting the style of the 1890s, Framed is the go-to Mar Vista frame store for people seeking something truly special. 


What to Expect from Picture Framing Stores Near Mar Vista VS. Framed


When it comes to picture framing stores near Mar Vista, you have a few choices. First, you have chain stores that specialize in art supplies and many have a framing center in the back. These stores are not staffed by specially trained artists who have the eye to help customers truly select the best art frames for their pieces, and that will compliment the space in which it will be displayed. In addition, they typically have a very limited selection to choose from and are therefore not original. Then there are big box department stores that sell poor-quality art frames made from pressed wood pieces. These may look fine, but they are poorly made and easily dent and get scratched. They can also damage certain types of artwork. Then you have boutique picture framing stores near Mar Vista that sell high-quality art frames that are unique, and vast in selection. Some are staffed with skilled experts, and others are not. You just have to do your research, but once you visit Framed, you will notice the quality of our frame shop and expert framers, as we offer a level of customer service next to none with the best frame designers and skilled professionals in the industry. 


Framed is the Best of All Picture Framing Stores Near Mar Vista


Our product quality, customer service skills, turn around time, and customer reviews say it all: Framed is the best of all picture framing stores near Mar Vista. If you live in Mar Vista or the surrounding area, come in for a free consultation and let our experts select some ideal frames, mats, and other accessories to give your piece a professional, specialized look. Be sure to take pictures of the room in which you plan to hang your artwork, and you will have the best customer service experience of your life as we ask you probing questions about your taste in aesthetics, study your artwork, and select a few frames that bring out certain parts of the artwork and that also match your style and room’s decor. Call today or come in for a visit. We are here for our Mar Vista community members ready to provide high-end custom framing solutions to accommodate any style.