Meet the Best Frame Store Marina Del Rey has to Offer

When it comes to framing artwork, posters, memorabilia, or other pieces that people love to display in their home or office, finding a high-quality frame store in Marina Del Rey is critical to the overall look and feel of the final piece. Big box stores like Michaels, framing chain stores, and Target can have cheap frames and some may even be able to special order a frame in a specific size that you select in-store. However, the process takes a lengthy amount of time, and the shop’s employees often have no artistic training. For more than 10 years Framed has been the number one destination for local residents seeking the best frame store Marina Del Rey has to offer, and locals from our special beach community have been going to our location on Ventura Boulevard for custom frames even though there may be some slightly closer options. 

Framed has the Custom Art Frames in Marina Del Rey that Offer Quality and Elegance 

Sometimes a high quality art frame simply isn’t enough to create the right statement piece; the materials, colors, and other considerations must also be taken into account. First of all, the citizens of Marina Del Rey are known for having very high aesthetic standards, and homes and businesses in this Los Angeles beach community unknowingly compete with their interiors to catch the attention of visitors, while adding that specific look and energy sought by the homeowner or business. 

Marina Del Rey attracts lots of affluent home buyers and visitors for its luxurious amenities and beautiful access to nature. Home to the largest man-made harbor, Marina Del Rey is a major destination for boating and those who enjoy water crafts. Many people in the Los Angeles area choose to dock their yacht in Marina Del Rey for its close proximity to the city, as it is only 12.5 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Marina Del Rey also attracts homebuyers for its stable housing market, dining and shopping options, bicycle paths, and birding. In addition, it is very common to walk out onto your patio and see a whale or pod of dolphins in the distance, and the harbor seals are abundant. For these reasons, as well as one of the top school districts in the state of California, Marina Del Rey is considered one of the most upscale seaside communities on the west coast, and when you are a representative of such a fine cohort, having a luxurious interior living space is paramount. Framed knows Marina Del Rey, and our skilled framers are all specially trained to help individuals choose the right frames, mats and glazing that will complement their existing decor while enhancing the artwork and making the right statement. 

Marina Del Rey Frames for Any Style of Art

Framed is known as the best frame store Marina Del Rey has to offer, not just for its skilled team, but for the multiple types of art frames to choose from. Some of the art frames we offer include the following:

Modern Art Frames – These typically have a sleek look with no carved details. Some of our wood art frames are ideal options for pieces or rooms that reflect a mid century modern aesthetic. 

Contemporary Art Frames – We have a wide variety of frames that are in style now and will remain in style for many years to come. Our contemporary art frames span a collection that represents all styles and personalities. 

Colored Art Frames – We have an extensive selection of colored art frames. Using a specific colored frame can enhance elements of a painting, poster or photo. Our custom framers are here to help you select the best option that compliments the artwork and the living space in which it will be displayed. 

Antique Art Frames – If you have a period piece and require a more ornate art frame that captures the feeling of the 19th and 18th centuries, we carry a wide selection of antique art frames designed to look just like the real thing.

Gold Leaf Frames – We carry an assortment of gold leaf frames perfect for adding a layer of elegance and class to your artwork. 

Art Deco Art Frames – Art Deco frame styles are difficult to come by, but we have a number of frames in this iconic style to compliment your artwork and blend in beautifully with your room’s décor. 

We have the perfect frame for your artwork; give us a call or stop by and one of our highly trained experts will help you complete a finished look that will turn heads and stand out as a feature in your living space.

Framed Proudly Serves Marina Del Rey Residents and Businesses

Marina Del Rey residents have been bringing their artwork to Framed for more than a decade because we offer a true boutique experience with trained specialists who know just how to pair the right piece of art with the right frame. We pride ourselves on offering high quality frames at competitive pricing, and a customer service experience next to none. Framed also works closely with businesses and professional organizations to find them the right frames for their pieces. Having been featured on HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ and serving the framing needs of Sony Studios and Apple, Inc., we are well established in the industry and bring an abundance of experience and unique artistry to multiple businesses in Marina Del Rey. Call Framed to learn more about our custom framing services today!