Finding the Perfect Gold Leaf Frame for Your Art

Using a gold leaf frame to showcase your artwork gives an added layer of sophistication and elegance to how you present your painting, photograph or print. While a gold leaf frame is commonly associated with more traditional paintings, artists have been using them to frame modern art and mixed media pieces to blend a traditional touch with the edgy nuance of new, innovative artwork.

Many people invest a great deal of time in simply finding a boutique shop that sells gold leaf frames for artwork, as many stores out there push products with faux gold, or other cheap substitutes. It is important to know how to spot real gold leaf frames from the imposters, learn the value of gold leaf frames, and also understand what they are, are all important in your decision making process.

What Are Gold Leaf Frames?

Gold leaf frames are a more affordable option for those seeking real gold frames at a more affordable price, without sacrificing the luxurious look and feel. So what is gold leaf? Many people are under the false assumption that it’s not real gold. However, gold leaf is real gold; it is a thin layer of gold applied to a wooden frame. If you were to walk into a basilica in Rome and observe art work in gold frames via candlelight, and then create the same setup in your home using a gold leaf frame, you would get an identical look and feel.

When it comes to authenticating gold leaf, flaws are a good thing, as they add to the aesthetic beauty of your piece. Real gold leaf will leave black lines, minor streaks and a patina that develops over time. If the gold looks too crisp and doesn’t evolve in its look, then you likely have another metal plate or leaf material.

Framed prides itself on being that go-to boutique frame store between Venice Beach and Culver City that offers high-quality, affordable gold leaf frames ideal for traditional paintings, or for mixing up the vibe when it comes to framing modern art with a flare of the extravagant.

What Gold Leaf Frame is Right for Your Art?

Like other types of art frames in our store, gold leaf frames come in a number of styles in order to give our customers multiple options and a custom look. For example, our gold leaf floating frame offers that ornate opulence while giving the illusion that the artwork is floating mid-air in the middle of the frame. This option is for people with art canvases, and the material can be stretched to fit the floating mount placed within the gold leaf frame.

Gold leaf frames are gilded with various shades of gold. These include yellow, white, moon or lemon gold. Each offers its own level of depth, tone and degree of distress. The professional framers at Framed will be able to offer a few suggestions when it comes to selecting the right gold leaf frame that compliments your artwork, style, and the aesthetics of the room in which it will be hanging.

Many people who seek a gold leaf frame do so because they have a painting that captures the semblance of natural light, and the gold leaf frame only emphasizes the appearance of natural light within the painting and helps to draw it outwards into the living space–an illusion that has been utilized for hundreds of years, and one that was at the peak of its popularity during the Italian Renaissance.

Why Gold Leaf Frames Made a Comeback

It is common practice for people to want their picture frames to compliment the hardware throughout their home. A few years ago when brushed nickel, silver-colored light fixtures with a satin finish, and other silver and gray metals were popular to see in people’s homes, frames of the same color and materials sold extremely well. Over the past two years gold has come back with great force, and interior designers, contractors, and staging professionals are producing gold finished products to meet the needs of homeowners and professionals alike. Needless to say, gold leaf frames have soared in popularity.

Not only is gold back in home decor and design, but the demand for a luxurious gold leaf frame is apparent, as sales have gone up by more than 800% since 2017. In addition, the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, over the last several years Apple has been consistently releasing gold colored versions of its iPhone–a shade that has remained a best seller even up to today.

Gold adds warmth to art and to a living space, while capitalizing on a popular design trend. Stop in to Framed with your artwork and let one of our professional framers help you find the best gold leaf frame to give you an amazing, custom look that will light up your living space with an air of decadence and energy.