Modern Frames for Art

Modern frames for art are recognizable for having a minimalist design with clean lines and no added decor–a design that allows the viewer’s eye to focus entirely on the art piece as opposed to sharing some of that focus with the frame. Modern frames come in a variety of materials that include wood, metal, acrylic and eco-friendly materials like reclaimed barnwood, bamboo or recycled polystyrene. Framed carries a wide variety of modern frame materials, styles and colors to make your art pop. All of our modern frames for art can be customized to accommodate any size needed. Our modern frames can be designed for wall display or for tabletops, and we can specify the right kind of glass, matting, backing board and hanging hardware for your artwork.

What Types of Art are Best Suited for a Modern Frame

When choosing a modern frame for art, you want to make sure the subject matter and artistic style or genre is something that will present well in a minimalist fashion. In other words, if you have a print of a depiction from the Renaissance or a print depicting a medieval coat of arms, a modern frame may not be a good choice. However, modern art frames from custom framing stores compliment a number of subjects. Here are some types of art that would pair well with a modern frame:

  • Black and white photos
  • Landscapes (photography or paintings)
  • Minimalist, modern or post-modern art
  • Posters depicting advertising, concerts or films
  • Family portraits
  • Memorabilia

When it comes to modern frames for art, the subject matter can also determine the frame’s construction materials. For example, a customer came in with a collection of Air France memorabilia from the 1960s. In this collection was a travel brochure featuring an airplane with the sun reflecting off the wing–a beautifully colored print that, in of itself, was a work of art. There was also a set of pilot’s wings, a metal pin depicting the airline’s name, and a pair of metallic tea spoons from first class dining. The customer’s father had worked for the airline, and he wanted to display the items in a way that would match the modern decor of his home. Framed wound up using a shadow box with a modern wood frame with a metal finish to compliment the suggestion of metal as depicted by the airplane drawing on the brochure, and the actual metal items in the collection. This type of modern frame not only made the items the focal point of the display, but the frame became a very extension of the piece without taking center stage.

When you visit a custom frame shop like Framed, knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to take your artwork or memorabilia, and present them in the best modern frame that will add a touch of class and luxury while highlighting the subject matter.

Modern Wood Frames for Art

While metal is popular, modern wood frames for art can take class to an entirely different level. Wooden art frames are especially popular for mid-century modern prints, as well as subject matter from the 1970s. A sleek walnut frame can enhance that special aura encapsulated through the 50s to 70s, and make a piece stand out on your wall. In addition, modern art that utilizes warm colors looks amazing in wood frames because wood adds a layer of warmth, while the minimalist design and sharp lines keep everything contained.

Get the Best Value in Modern Art Frames from a Custom Framing Store

While many big box stores sell picture frames that are modern in design, they are poorly put together using low grade materials in a mass-production process. Your special piece deserves a custom modern frame that will not only enhance the subject and add a special layer to a work of art, but that will also protect it from UV rays and other harmful elements.

Stop in to Framed and together we can find the best modern frame to take your art to the next level!