Wood Art Frames

From rustic to Bohemian, and from gilded to basic, wood art frames offer a variety of enhancements to multiple styles of art and photographic subjects. Once you start searching for the best wood art frames to compliment your pieces, you will discover that this framing material  offers a plethora of varieties that can have a huge impact on the way your artwork is viewed.

When investing in high quality wood art frames from a reputable arts business like Framed, a professional with a trained eye will present a number of wood frame options based on your art work and the style you seek. Some of the considerations include the following:

  • Color (natural wood color, painted or veneer)
  • Type of wood
  • Grain or natural pattern
  • Dimensions (thickness and width)
  • Style or added details
  • Border or no border

Wood frames are the best-selling types of frames for people who seek a high-quality presentation. In most situations, art frame stores will offer three main types of wood frames: solid / natural wood, finger-jointed poplar, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Solid natural wood is exactly what it sounds like: it hasn’t been modified since being cut down. On the other hand, MDF and finger-jointed poplar have been engineered. In other words these frames are still made of wood, but they haven’t been stripped straight from a log in the lumber yard. Instead, pieces and bits of wood are re-joined to compose a frame that bears a similar semblance to those that are pure in their natural origin. Though at quick glance these frames may look like a solid product, they are known for coming apart in a shorter period of time. Because solid wood frames simply can’t be topped when it comes to quality and value, reputable neighborhood art frame stores like Framed don’t offer MDF to their customers. Instead, boutique frame stores sell unique and custom solid wood frames that will last a lifetime and enhance the piece with a touch of class.

Wood Art Frames Add Warmth

Wood art frames offer a plethora of value to multiple living spaces and aesthetic tastes. Warming up a room or a piece of art is just one of many ways wood art frames add value. Having a simple, clean room with a minimalist design style has been popular for years and isn’t fading away any time soon. However, one of the biggest complaints people have who love minimalism is that they don’t know how to combat the look of a cold interior. Wood art frames offer an affordable, easy and convenient way to transform the feeling of a modern room, while still staying true to the minimalist aesthetic.

The grain pattern and wood color can contrast a cold, stark piece of art or living space. In addition, the organic nature of the frame adds warmth. For example, imagine a minimalist room that is primarily white. A number of wood art frames could instantly add warmth to the space, without interrupting the design. In light rooms, mid-tone or dark frames can be ideal. For darker minimalist rooms, lighter or mid-tone frames will work well. If some rooms in your home are dark and some are light, you can buy multiple mid-tone solid wood art frames for your paintings, photographs and prints to add uniformity throughout the home, despite the difference in the room’s color tone and dark / light scale.

Enhance the Rustic Aesthetic of Your Home with Wood Art Frames

Bring the outdoors in–this is a design aesthetic that started sweeping America over the last decade, and it continues to run strong. People are buying living edge wood tables and other organic furnishings, while contractors are seeing an increasing number of large sliding and folding doors to replace walls leading out onto patios and decks.

Wood art frames not only enhance these furnishings and design elements, they can also be used as a more affordable replacement to create the same feelings and look. For example, holding off on a $1500 living edge coffee table but investing in a pair of wood art frames for a few hundred dollars is a more economically friendly way to create a rustic or organic look.

If you already have your rustic furnishings or plan to buy them in a short period of time, take photos of the pieces into your local custom art frame store, and an expert will help you find a frame that compliments the furniture’s wood and that fits with perfect precision into your room’s design aesthetics.

Pairing Wood Frames with Artwork

Wood frames can be simple in design, or more intricate. A framing professional will know how to choose wood art frames with the right amount of detail and embellishments to enhance the artwork. For example, Framed has a customer come in with a 17th century lithograph of a Roman soldier–the subject matter’s shield had little round rivet designs, and the uniform had a few circular plates. The framing expert selected a frame that worked beautifully, and one that enhanced the easy-to-miss design elements of the lithograph: a wood frame with an embellished edge that had an “old world” look, with carved circular patterns spaced far enough apart to stand out alone. The frame itself looked like it was part of the soldier’s shield, and the customer instantly fell in love with the overall look.

When you go to a professional shop in search of wood art frames, and one of your goals is to give your artwork a polished presentation, an experienced sales team with an artistic eye can identify design elements in the art and present a number of wood frame options that will draw the elements to the forefront of the viewer’s conscious.

This is a critical service provided by neighborhood custom art frame shops that you simply can’t get in big box stores. That said, when you invest in a high quality wood art frame, you get more value not only in the fact that the frame is higher quality and looks a million times better, but you get an artist’s perspective in the framing selection.

Shop Framed for Affordable, High-Quality Wood Art Frames Today

Whether you seek a wood art frame with an antique look to compliment a Victorian painting, or you want a sleek minimalist natural walnut frame to compliment your mid-century modern print, Framed has a wide variety of solid wood frames of various types, finishes, colors and sizes. In addition, we offer an acrylic replacement for glass for those who prefer their art to be lighter in weight, as well as museum-quality glass to protect valuable art from sun damage and other hazards. Stop in today; tell us about your artwork, the room it is going in, and the style you are gravitating towards and we will help you achieve your ideal look beyond all expectations.